09 / 22 / 16


It’s been a while since I last posted some of my throwback pictures and now I’m good to go because I’m not busy and I have the luxury of time since my schedule is  not full. I was just so fed up with so many chores lately *though I’m enjoying most of it* because we will be moving back our little business to our own property in the province and Mama’s busy with the shop here in the city and finally, our lottery machine is back so we’re back on business again. See? I’m a bit busy assisting my Mama here and there. #familymatters #priorities #ganoin!

The throwback pictures that I will be sharing to you this time little young ones will be me-and-camera-time. Why a camera? Well, most people who knew me would say that I love taking selfies, which I totally agree but there are only few who knew that I love taking pictures not just of myself but also other things. I prefer abstract and nature as my subject every time I take pictures. I also love taking stolen and candid shots because I specifically go for genuine, unscripted reactions and emotions from people when they talk, smile, and even cry. I find it very special. Anyways, here are my top 3 camera moments. 🙂

  1. Halloween Party 2014 – I rarely join to any costume party because for me though it’s fun and colorful and creative and everything nice but still I find it costly as well. But don’t get me wrong, I love to dress myself up. I really do like it. Good thing here in our company we do celebrate trick or treat day were almost all employees would dress up because it’s a team competition and there’s an additional points if all the team members would participate. This photo was taken 2 years ago when I was still in All Savers and our motif was to wear black and do some face painting. Why face painting? Because it was very timely and we have a lot of talented people in our account back then. I also helped in face painting and was in charge of taking pictures as well. Iris, one of the talented perks, was the one who face painted me and her concept for me was like a broken – faced girl in black. HAHAHA. Oh well! The camera’s not mine, it’s Rossy’s. 🙂 cam-01
  2. Christmas Party 2014 – My personal favorite among the pictures that I had during our Christmas Party in the company. I was dolled – up from head to toe by no less than Dannicor (lips like sugar girl). The theme of the party was “The Great Gatsby” and this party was also memorable for me because we performed on stage and won the grand prize too. Can you believe it?! HAHAHA. We really took a lot of pictures and ninja moves *taking stolen pics of our crushes and people who extremely look so beautiful and glamorous* during the party. This photo was taken after the party when we’re about to head out to the venue and went straight to a bar nearby reserved by our manager and continued the party there. Disclaimer: Excuse my bared feet on the floor. I was wearing a 4 – inch high heels that time and my sole hurts a lot. LOLcam-02
  3. My Sister’s Wedding – Another memorable day for me and to my sister as well. This photo was taken when my sister and her husband said their vows to each other. I thought to myself that time since we hired people to document the whole event, I still would love to take a photo of them. I saw how my sister smile while she was saying her vow and I just want to capture it. Little did I know that my cousin took a photo of me while I was holding my tears up and took a good shot of the two of them. Indeed, this was candid. 🙂cam03

Here’s my throwback pictures for now. How about you little young ones, what’s your top 3 pics for Thursday?  May we all have a Terrific Thursday ♥


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