A little and a lot of everything.



Are you ready for it?

I would be lying to myself if I say, “I’m not excited for love and to love”. I am rooting for it to come into my life  – still and always. If you are to ask me if I’m ready for it – I have always been very careful not to easily give an answer but rest assured that it has always been included in my prayers. And I know myself when I’m ready for something.

My family and friends have always been urging me to be in a relationship now, like as soon as possible. They are aware that it’s been a while since I’ve dated someone or brought someone at home to get to know them and they are just too eager for me to do it all over again. All they know is that I always spend quality time with my friends, like hanging out with my closest friends and some high school guy friends but they are aiming for something more than just spending my time with just my “guy friends”. They are very excited for me that that day would come and I would tell them, “He is the one, finally. The moment you’ve all been waiting for”.

I mean. Hey you guys, love is not a competition and definitely not a game for me to mess up around so easily. And it’s not just you who is actually waiting for it to happen but so am I. I just don’t want to coerce it. I know, he will come as soon as he is ready.

It doesn’t need to match nor surpass the overrated relationship goals that are publicly posted in the social media or to be so traditional as to what many people would think I would be doing. It doesn’t need to be that. Although I know that I am caught in between being a realist and an idealist but my my hopes are always up for all the possibilities that the world would offer. Que sera sera.

My closest friends and even those who are around me would say that I am quite serious and very not so open about “love terms” and they would also say that maybe because I’m somewhat smart and somewhat a leader – like, that I have this driven personality so being in a relationship is not on my list, or that my family is like this and or my friends are like that that’s why men are intimidated to make a move on me. Come on! I’m just a typical twenty – four year old woman who is still a work in progress and is constantly struggling and giving her all to surpass and to venture the what ifs and what nots of the world. But well, I have two answers for that if you don’t mind. First, maybe it’s true. Maybe they are intimidated on me because of these factors. My family’s picky because they are very traditional and so am I but on the lighter side of course, maybe 75% traditional and 25% millennial. Who would not? I know myself more than anyone else. Yes, I’m not pretty, does not have a perfect physique, not so talented, not that intelligent or sociable or very open like any other girls but I know that I am worth it. I am a woman worth falling in love with. If you know yourself that you’re worth it as well then we have the freedom to be finical about it, right? They are somewhat scared to ask because I just might say no. That’s what I’ve heard from my friends.  Which is possible. Or it could be the second one –  he is just not ready yet. I don’t want to use the word coward or timid or namby – pamby because we all go through this cycle whether we like it or not. But this is also feasible, don’t you think? HEHEHE.

As for me, whatever reason it maybe for as long as you come up to me ready and that you’re genuine with what you say and even not say and with what you do – I am all in. I must admit that time plays a big factor for me but you can always give it a try. Don’t worry, I’m a risk – taker. Traditions, beliefs, and my religion would also take part of the picture but I pray that you’re open – minded enough to share your own thoughts, sorrows, weaknesses, strengths, visions, and dreams with me and let’s just cross the bridge once we get there. And just a heads up my family and friends would not be easy on you too. So I hope that you would prove to me that chivalry is not yet dead, like never. My family and friends would be giving you a hard time of getting their approval but I tell you once you let yourself in my circle and you share to me your circle – we can write a beautiful story worth reading for as long as we want.

I know. I know.

I sound like a melodramatic, idealistic, and old – fashioned woman but there’s nothing wrong with setting a clear standards when it comes to the things that matters, right?

How about you little young ones? Are you ready for love? Are you ready to love? 🙂

P.S. Do not worry about our differences, it is normal. Let us fill each others’ gaps and for the rest, let’s just add a little and a lot of everything in between. 🙂


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