09 / 27 / 16

tuesday thoughts



  • Current Mood: Bombarded by so many plans for my upcoming Ilocos Tour. excited
  • Listening to: Honestly, nothing. I have back to back to back sessions so I don’t have enough time for some music.
  • Thinking of: 3 things. (1st) What to pack, to bring, to wear and to prepare for my tour this Thursday. (2nd) When to submit for my SSS Sick Leave Benefit. I’m completely overdue. (3rd) Write prayer petitions since we’ll be visiting churches as well in Ilocos. thinking
  • Doing: Still multitasking. Fighting my hunger by playing “mind over matter” game. HAHAHA. Trying to write down the breakdown of my expenses for my tour. Planning it well in order for me not to ran out of cash. That would be scary especially that I’ll be traveling alone.
  • Eating: I ate pasta with white sauce that Yan gave me. I also ate Pei Pa Koa Candy to relieve the pain in my throat.
  • Planning to: To meet my best friend after my shift to get his bag (the one that I’ll be using for my trip). I’ll see my Tita Ruth as well because she will let me borrow her digital camera. My first plan is to bring a DSLR but it’s too bulky and heavy for me to carry stuff plus the camera alone. I wish I can bring my Munchy with me too.dog
  • Hoping to: Be productive today! Call the shop and talk to Papa and Zachy. Help Mama with the errands at home and for me to finish cleaning the room, fold the laundry, and prep my bag. I should be productive today. 🙂les-do-this

Have an amazing Tuesday little young ones. 🙂


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