10 / 11 / 16

tuesday thoughts



  • Current Mood: Spacing – out. I am overloaded with so many blog posts but I don’t know where to begin. *sigh* I’ll try my hardest to work my time well despite the busy schedule at work just for you my dear little young ones to keep you updated.
  • Listening to: Goodnight Moon by Go Radio. Simply because it was on the queue. *defensive* HAHAHA.
  • Thinking of: What to post first. My Ilocos Tour or the super pending Surigao Escapade with my friends. I’m doomed! *literally spacing out problems*
  • Eating: I did not eat anything because I’m prepping my tummy to eat more and more chicken and rice for our lunch later. A little gathering as a post birthday celebration with chosen friends only for 2 reasons: budget and I don’t want to be mean or plastic. #foodiehereIcome πŸ™‚hungry-super
  • Planning to: Have my Munchy a bath today and to truly fix my stuff *all the clothes, pasalubong, papers, and everything* that is or are in my bed. My bed is so messy since I’ve been away for quite a long time.
  • Hoping to: Be full because I am literally hungry and be able to sleep long and well today. I miss sleeping quietly for these past few days because I’ve been preparing a lot of stuff for my activities and some errands as well. πŸ™‚


Oh! Let this day be a fruitful, groovy, and fun Tuesday for me and for you little young ones. β™₯



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