25th of September

A familiar voice.

Uttered my name from a near distance.

And a second after that.

As I turned my head to see.

I saw a figure of a man whom I haven’t seen for a while.

And I could not lie to myself.

His presence took me by surprise.

His voice.

His hair.

His smile.

His stare.

It’s so consuming.

I could not talk.

As he was asking me questions.

I could not look straight into his eyes.

But he can.

He smiled and talked to me like the way he used to.

But why can he?

And why can’t I?

And as I was about to go.

He asked me, “Are you going already?”

Good thing he asked me that.

Because I was already to a point of spacing out.

But still I bravely said, “Yes”.

With conviction, I looked at him as he looked back at me with a glow in his eyes.

And smiled at him with my heart poured on it.

Finally I said, goodbye.


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