Better to greater days.


When the world strikes at us so hard we often, NO, we always say something negative or bad. More often than not, we complain why it all happened. Why us? Why those freaking, hurtful, disastrous situations ever come up to our lives? Why not those people who are mean, rude, or sinners *though I am one* to take or experience those unfortunate events? Well, it all ends with the same exact question – “WHY?”

I am honestly guilty about this but it’s actually our first reaction towards something bad, don’t you agree? Why? Because have you seen someone smiling or joyful because he or she has a problem? Or like have you ever met someone who is exposed to so much pain, to those who are broken and scarred, and in so much danger to be celebrating at the bar, spending money to throw a party, or even scream out of happiness because he or she comes across all of these unfathomable things? Of course not and I really don’t think so!

The reason I asked you these because I am encouraging myself and you too to be more positive about our very existence in this world. I know. It’s easy to say but it’s very hard to do but it’s always worth a try, right? Not all things that we’ve ever hoped and prayed for comes the way we expect them to be but rest assured that the Man above will provide them to us when He knows that we’re ready enough to handle them. I also believed that He would not allow us to be in such a damaging situation if He knows that we could not carry them just fine. When He sees that we can then He will and He will always be with us too. Every step of the way.

Remember His promises to us and one of those is to be patient because all great things will come according to His plan. We should not rush. Let’s steady our hearts and fill our souls with good things, the right things for His glory.

So before I let you go little young ones, I will leave you with a quote:


You might be in your scariest, most dangerous, saddest, and worst part of your life right now but always remember that You are not alone. I repeat, you are never alone, we are not alone. So let’s not give up just because we experienced some rejections, failing grades, being dumped, heartbroken, fired from work or lost someone so dearly – let us learn from those experiences. Pondered on what really was the reason behind those and learn from it. I’m not telling you to avoid them or pretend that you’re not hurt or affected by those things. In fact, I encourage you to endure them all in but never ever allow those unfavorable situations to eat you whole and alive. That’s how I deal with my own failures and shortcomings. I hope and pray that you will too. Together let’s take a leap of faith. Make the good decisions and act on those decisions at the right way.

Enjoy your weekend little young ones.

Much love,

 Your Pandora ♥


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