One day you will find someone who will…

Nowadays, it’s very rare to find someone who still believe and value “forever” or “infinite” love. I personally would say that the only love that I believed in that lasts until forever is the love that the Man above does and the rest, I would rather consider it as a  “worldly love that lasts for a lifetime”.

Fate? Destiny? Soul mates?

Others believe on these and some are not. But who are we to judge? It’s their life to live and not ours.

But each one of us whether we admit it or not will always have thought of someone that we would truly and madly fall in love with – regardless of, despite, even though, and for whatever circumstances it may be. My friends and family told me every single time that I sound so unrealistic about who and what I am exactly looking for to a person but at least, I am truly sure of one thing –  I know what I don’t want or need for myself.

To all the single women out there and that includes me and to those who women who are broken, abandoned, and lost – do not ever think that you are not worth the chase. Do not lower down and sell yourself less than what you truly deserved just because you’re pressured by your family, friends, and the society. Do not set your standards about falling in love based on what you see on your social media accounts. Instead set your own, for you know yourself more than they know you. Always remember, it’s your life you are working on for and definitely not theirs.

Always take time to appreciate the little details of everything.

Not just by what that person say or do but also include those things that they don’t say or do. Know your limits. Discover your weaknesses and strengths. Have courage to take a step out of the box that you are in *though not completely out of the open* but at least, you are giving a shot to try what it’s like to be outside. Through this it will not be difficult for the other person to see the naked truth about you. But just a heads up, do not bare yourself too much at the start. Keep a little mystery about yourself within you. It’s a challenge for him to discover that for himself in the long run. *That is if he is more than willing to stay in your life*

Do not settle only on “spark”.

It runs out eventually. Build a firm foundation of trust and open communication in your relationship. Once you have these two, respect and other harmonious things follow and grow within your relationship. Then nurture it.

Take it one step at a time to get to know your man more and more each day and yourself as well. Appreciate his flaws and support his strengths. And at the same time, do not be afraid to show your weakest side to him so that he can help you out. Remember, it takes two to tango. You take turns because that’s what real love is – to have and to hold in every growing step even if those actions and choices could make or break the relationship. Don’t fret and have faith that you two could soldier it on. It’s a test of loyalty.

Love is a choice.

As what they say, falling in love is easy but to stay in love is a choice. Do not love because you have to or simply because you can, fall in love because you feel it deep within you that that person, that man is someone you would love to cherish your whole life with until your last waking breath.

Lastly, learn to trust.


Big word.

But yes, we have to because “love means to trust” no matter what. Little young ones, one day you will find someone who will be there for you and with you no matter what it takes you just have to trust the person you want to give your love with, to trust yourself more that you could withstand every challenges and uncertainties with your choices, and the most important is to trust the Man above the most in every little thing that you do especially if you already ran out of reason to trust yourself.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday Love ♥


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