Happy 1st of November little young ones says this little kitty to you šŸ™‚


I guess you’re all giddy to wear all your Halloween costumes and props for the trick or treat tonight or are you all pumped – up to do some house – hopping to receive some candies and everything sweet from your neighbors and relatives or are you all excited to visit some Horror Booths in the malls later? I guess you are but in my case, I can say that I am already old for those kind of things and I just prefer to finish all my chores today and be in bed early. Just kidding. I have plans too. HAHA.

Anyhow, I hope that we will enjoy whatever plans we have for today and the day after but at the same time, I hope that November 1st (All Saint’s Day) and November 2nd (All Soul’s Day) are not just all about the costumes, candies, and Halloween Parties but we have to remember as well what these days truly mean. Although the 1st of November is not applicable to all but I hope that we all would pay some respect to our departed loved ones who are now at home with our Creator.

A simple prayer or a lighted candle would do. It would honestly suffice. It doesn’t mean that we have to buy the most expensive, most beautiful, well – decorated flower bouquet to show how much we care and miss our departed person. They need our prayers the most, especially a heartfelt and genuine one, so that they can finally be at peace and can continue their journey in the promise land. I am not saying that we should really go to the cemetery and light a candle there, but if you can then why not but for those other people who really can’t because of certain circumstances, our beloved ones would understand – they will.

What’s important is that we can tell them how much we miss them and at the same time give them the assurance that we will continuously pray for them on their journey because they are finally home. Let us tell them our sorrows and pains, fears and worries, tell them everything but let’s not ask them to carry those for us instead let’s pray for them to watch over us to continue striving and not to give up no matter what it takes. Let us tell them our moments of joy and triumph, they will be very happy to hear those the most from us. And most especially, let’s pray to the Man above that He will continue to watch over our departed loved ones to lay them to rest in the everlasting life that He promised as we go on with our worldly life here on Earth.


Give your best shot for this month and enjoy great surprises with your efforts. Carry on little young ones.

So much love,

Your Pandora ā™„

P.S. Dearest Kuya Rey, wherever you are I hope that you are proud of me. I’ll take good care of Mama and Papa, Pangga, Kuya Janjan, Zachy and even Munchy too. Just continue to watch over me as I am facing some hardships and difficulties. I love you, forever and always.


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