11 / 07 / 16


music monday


Fresh for today’s day to day update is my very first ever Music Monday. But before that, I would like to say sorry for I haven’t been active lately little young ones. Blame it all to my lazy mode attitude which right now I am strongly trying to resist with all seriousness.

Anyways, I know you are wondering why I entitled this day to day update as “Music Monday” right? Well simply because I haven’t posted anything about Monday yet (not because it’s my least and last favorite day of the week) and also I truly love all genres of music. So I kind of thought combining the two and it matches so perfectly. Don’t you think? Haha.

So first in my list is the newly released music video collaboration from SM Town of Lim Seul Ong of 2AM and Park Sooyoung (Joy) of Red Velvet. Maybe some of you are familiar with them and some are not but I honestly love their song.

Listen to it first before I share to you all what makes me like and love it.


I posted two videos (the original video released from SM and the other one is a fan – made video with with Hangul and Korean Romanization and English Translation) for you to truly appreciate the message of the song. Credits to SM and to the owner of this fan – made video. 😊😉

I admit that I searched for the music video in Youtube because of Joy since I really find her pretty and full of charm and as expected she nailed both the singing and the acting part. But what I did not expect was the chemistry that she and Seulong have in the music video. It was so cute and playful. Their lovey – dovey scenes and cuts were so childish but sweet at the same time that I can’t stop playing their song on repeat.

I also watched their V-App Live interview and there they shared their thoughts about recording both the song and the video. It was super fun because they’re so honest about what they felt towards each other, reflecting on what they have learned from the song, and their character in the video. I laughed so hard when Joy said that she will never ever dare being in a relationship with her character if she will become a boy because the girl in the video is too childish and immature. Which I also agree. Seulong on the other hand stated that he thought Joy would be awkward with their sweet scenes but since Joy’s personality is very easy-going and cheerful it was not hard after all. He also praised Joy for being professional and talented despite her bubbly voice because she gave justice to the emotion of the song which is a sad song. And again, I agree with him.

Why did I choose this song?

Well, the title is “Always in my Heart” and the video explains it all that there are happy days and sad days in a relationship. Moments of fun and laughter, of kilig and sweetness, and of cat and dog moments as well. Some relationships last for a lifetime and some relationships don’t the same in the video. Some people will do whatever it takes to revive their relationship after a great fall and some people don’t. And for whatever reasons they have, we must respect it. Like I always said, to love someone is easy because it naturally comes from within but to stay in love with the person is another story because it is always a choice.

By the end of the day, what matters most is the fact that you allow yourself to free – fall into love no matter what the outcome is. If it is on a happy note, take good care of it, cherish your time well with that person, create more wonderful memories together, and be with each other no matter what it takes especially if you see and feel that you’re relationship is truly for keeps. But if it is on a sad and shaky note, the choice is still yours. If you believe that it is still worth giving a good fight for, soldier on. But if it will only cause so much pain and chaos and it is already unhealthy and toxic not just for the other person but for you as well, you should learn to accept that not all stories must have a happy ending.

Yes, it’s again a cliché for me to say and share these thoughts to you little young ones for I haven’t experienced so many heartbreaks and love aches just yet but do we really need to go through a lot of everything for us to understand? I know, some of you will agree and some won’t and it’s alright. We see things differently and that’s normal. That’s what makes us unique and rational. But on a positive note, for as long as there is love no matter what, who, why, where, when, and how things might end it will always be the best feeling ever and nothing can beat or steal that away from us.

I have shared my heart on this song. How about yours little young ones? Care to share and I’ll be waiting. Enjoy the rest of your Monday. 😉🙆




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