Inhibitions: Good or Bad?




Do you have this so – called feeling of insecurity? If yes, what are those? Have you done something to stop or control it? or You have done nothing and just let it linger all over you?

I am guilty.

I am insecure with so many things. I am one of those people who crave for more about myself, within myself, and for myself. However, there is a big “BUT” to this intention of mine of why I have insecurities. I strive and still does aimed to help myself to become the better version of who I am today based on my experiences and on how I see life as a continue to grow in this world. But I cannot also hide sometimes that I am blinded by other form of insecurities, the negative ones, that this world is trying to offer me.

What are the common insecurities that people have?

On a physical aspect, other people would like to have a model – like physique, firmer muscles, fairer skin tone, get away with all the excess body fats, sharper nose, protruding lips, bigger busts and behind, others want to grow taller, skinnier, to have drop dead gorgeous hair, extended eye lashes, symmetrical eyebrows, sexy jawline, and other close to perfection physical appearance.

And other insecurities that I know of are those like social statuses, talents, skills, an eye – catching aura, interpersonal relationships with people and the most controversial one and the most common being wealthy.

Well, do you have any of these insecurities? Because I have mentioned mine here. Or did I happen to miss yours? Do you want to add more?

Anyhow, either our answer is a yes or a no there is nothing wrong with it.

Insecurities can be good or bad. But we should ALWAYS, ALWAYS, and ALWAYS remember that it depends on how to set our mind to it. Let’s not be insecure on the worldly things too much, we can use it as a motivator for us to strive harder but we also must be aware on the differences between what we need and what we want. Worldly things will soon fade, become obsolete, and worst could destroy our very existence because we become too blinded by them. It’s like exchanging our long – term goals for just a  fleeting, unpredictable goals because we focus too much on our wants with what we truly need.

Little young ones, temptations are everywhere and it comes in different forms. Please do not take the little things for granted. Let’s not be greedy or be insensitive with what’s already given and provided to us.

Let’s learn to appreciate.

The things we have now, the people who’ve been through a lot with us, and all our experiences then and now truly does matter whatever the outcome is. We should be thankful on how we look regardless if we think that others may be more physically good looking than us, let’s all remember those deaf, mute, blind, and physically impaired and disabled. We should be mindful on what we ask for or wish for to have even if we really don’t literally need it, let’s all remember that there are a lot of people out there somewhere who does pray for all the things that we already have because they don’t have enough. We should be sensitive with what we already have like how we should really treasure our parents because there are a lot of orphans and abused children who needed genuine attention and love from a mother and a father; or a battered wife who prays for a good and trustworthy man to accept her and protect her; or an abused husband cheated by his wife who hopes for a loyal and caring woman to become his wife and mother to his kids; or a couple whose only prayer is to finally bare a child either of their own or not. These people don’t mind not having all the riches, all the attention, and all the power that the world could offer them for they know that these things will not stay for long. These people that I have mentioned also have the same prayers and hopes like ours but they choose to seek and pray more important prayers than we do which they strongly believe will certainly stay and worth keeping and striving for.

See? Have you and I tried comparing our needs to them?

I did. And I felt guilty. I should have been more sensitive with my own thoughts back then. But it’s not yet too late to get started, right?

Let’s all reflect on this and start appreciating the little things from now on. Kill those negative insecurities and bury them whole. Instead of pushing each other, competing with each other on who’s going to be the number one or on top, let’s help and support each other for the betterment.

Little young ones, spread love. There’s no need for us to be insecure *the negative ones* because we are all unique and amazing in our Creator’s eyes – always remember that. ♥









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