Saturday Blues.


I guess this is the first time that you’ve heard about having Saturday blues, right? But I am today. I’m feeling dazed and down even if there are a lot of laughing moments and I have a lot of plans and commitments to attend to. Or I just don’t feel like working or doing something because of my monthly period? Anyways, at least I am certain that a part of me misses something. I miss –

I miss being away from home to travel.



Though not for good *for now* but I just miss being outside, in a place where nobody knows about who I am. If only I have a time machine right in front of me, I would surely choose to go back to Ilocos or to Sagada alone. I love the ambiance and the cool weather out there. I would definitely not waste any second  exploring those beautiful trekking sites and caves again. I would not second – guess having a taste of their exotic but overly delicious foods. I would dare myself to explore their mountains and waterfalls just to feel that euphoric and satisfying feeling again. I love to travel and discover more about myself, my strengths and weaknesses. Indeed, it is true that you will truly see your capabilities and you can ponder more on who and what you really are when you travel alone.

I miss the sand, the mud, the pebbles, and the rocks.


This photo was taken in Sand Dunes, Paoay while I was checking the flash of my tablet if it was set properly and I didn’t notice that I actually clicked on the capture button. Now that I am looking at it, this picture will serve as my constant reminder that I need to stay grounded and to always respect other people’s beliefs, opinions, norms, principles, and views about life wherever I go. Because we may be looking at the same thing at the same time but will have different thoughts about it.

Little young ones, I’m not asking you to be rebel or to be outrageously outgoing for you to go out and travel but all I am hoping for is that when you venture the world never ever exchange your own definition of life and of who you are by simply allowing others to overkill your freedom to explore.

Allow your feet to touch the ground with a carefree heart.

And lastly, what I miss the most is –

I miss the salty water.


Lucky are my feet to be bathe with salty water, my sun – kissed toes, and my hair brushed and soften by the fresh – breezed air of nature. I have always been in love with the beach even though I have a terrible experience with the ocean. That would not stop me from allowing myself to be in the water, through the water, and with the water especially if it’s the sea water that we’re talking about.

Whenever I am near the seashore, I always feel ecstatic and exuberant. It’s like I am relaying all of my stresses and pains away from my system whenever the water touches my feet. The rhythm of the sea as it meets the shore is a never –  ending music to my ear that leads me to a very serene place where all the lies and chaos of the world do not exist. Even just the thought of being in the water gives me so much joy, how much more when I am exactly out there. Have you ever had this kind of feeling as well?

I remembered what my co – traveler whom I met in Ilocos Norte told me while I was playing in the seashore, she said, “Play and engage yourself more with nature, love the Earth with all your heart and might and it will love you back with memories that lasts for a lifetime” and I responded her with a very satisfying smile.

I could not disagree to what she said because she perfectly defined what real traveling means for me and maybe for you too. It means creating memories while you take a step outside. Your journey to another place does not need to be so detailed and organized, so grand, or it has to be with peers or loved ones just to have a “goal” to be posted in our social media accounts, or literally needs to be international destinations for people to know you’ve been there, and lastly, it doesn’t even need to be the center of attraction to others for it to be genuinely memorable.

To travel alone is already a privilege because not all people can. The whole experience and the memories out of that travel, now that is considered as an ultimately goal. So little young ones, do not be afraid to be out of your comfort zone from time to time, little by little. Let’s open our eyes and travel while we can. Stay alive and keep on track with the beat of our human heart as we slowly acknowledge and accept that life is blessing, so let’s use it well, live for the best, and love it right.




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