Picture Challenge 1.5

fun fact friday

A picture of me and someone close to my heart that I do the craziest and messiest things with:


Aren’t they cute in this picture? HAHA! If they will see this here in my blog, they will surely bite me into pieces. Anyways, these two are my “solemates” namely, Charmaine (a.k.a Chamen, the one on the left) and Khimberlee (a.k.a Khimmy, the one on the right). This picture was taken way back 2014 in Sunday 2PM Café, Mabolo, Cebu City. We actually had a lot of fun during that whole day together. And this exact picture was a perfectly captured one because we were talking about silly things and what would be our reaction if we heard it coming from us either it’s a joke or not. And this was their reaction when I said, “Oi! CHX, I am pregnant!” with my serious face on. And ta-da! That’s how they reacted. LOL

Anyways, I met these two during my college days and though we started it in an awkward way because we have different group of friends back then but as time passed by we became closer, more of like having a sister kind of bonding up until now. In short, we know each others strengths and weaknesses, deepest secrets and fears, and though not everything but almost everything. We talked random, silly, naughty, and crazy stuff. We also do a lot of expected to unexpected things together. We love to explore and do adrenaline – racing, heart – pounding kind of activities. And we can just be open and say things out loud “threegether” because we simply respect each others opinions, views, and decisions. We got each others back as well. They are my sisters and a very dear family to me already. And I know, it’s also the same for them too. ♥ #CHX #HopeFaithandLove

This is all for now little young ones. Enjoy your Friday. Be safe. Always.






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