Saturday Sneak Out


Alright! I really had a lot of fun yesterday. Indeed, it was an amazing, fun – filled Saturday. We went to Tatay Gucci’s house since Mom and Dad weren’t home and so we had the whole day well spent in his place.

We automatically went there after our shift ends and directly went to Robinson’s Supermarket to buy some food and personal stuff and a little drinks (Disclaimer: When I say “a little” it means not so strong drinks since I don’t really drink alcoholic beverages. Smirnoff and San Mig Light Apple are the only liquor I could tolerate in my system). Anyhow, we had a lot of fun while we were inside the car on our way to the supermarket, as usual. We talked a lot and came to picked up Momma Jewel, the one and only jewel in Tatay Gucci’s heart. Sorry for being so cheesy. I just couldn’t help it. HAHA!

As we arrived in Tatay Gucci’s house, Ate Twinkle immediately prepared to boil some water for the pancit canton to be cooked and Chreshy prepared the rice. Tatay Gucci and Daniel went to buy some barbecue while Momma Jewel and I set the table ahead. This is what team work means or should I say that we were just so dead hungry that we like to work things done as fast as we could? HAHAHA!

Anyways, it wasn’t that long that we were able to have our lunch. The table was all set with all the food that we bought, cooked, and prepared ourselves. It was indeed a very bountiful lunch for us all. I led the prayer and we were sharing thoughts and heartfelt views on how our day went in the office while eating.



After our sumptuous lunch. Momma and I did the after care on the table while Ate Twinkle and Chreshy did the washing of the dishes. And if you’re wondering what those two boys did? I really don’t know. HAHA!

We gathered in Tatay Gucci’s living room and started drinking and talking about random stuff after all the cleaning. We started with asking silly questions until such point that we opened up about the current relationship status of Ate Twinkle (the lady beside me in the bottom picture) and Chreshy (the lady wearing a sleeveless top at the end), Daniel’s life (the tall chinito guy), and of course Tatay Gucci’s (the guy with a cute puffy cheeks) and Momma Jewel’s (the beautiful lady with her hair down) love story and individual struggles. And how about me? I also did share my own story. And isn’t it amazing that we were all wearing the same color of tees? And seriously, these are all unplanned.

We talked, laughed, giggled, cried and just became our real selves the whole time. We danced and sang too. Who would have thought that we have shared so many things to each other and some teasing too that we didn’t even notice the time. We also took a groupfie again Tatay Gucci’s well – decorated Christmas Tree before we prepare our stuff to go home.

It’s a very cute framily picture! Too bad Joiz and Yan were not there to spend their Saturday with us but there is always a next time. An unplanned next time.

Before the day ends, I could not miss to have a selfie with the Christmas Tree since I was amazed of how tall it is and how it was embellished with Christmas balls and lights. It was cute and made me wonder how my Mama and Papa decorated our very own Christmas Tree at home as well. I miss home.


And lastly, after all that we talked and shared what captured me the most was Daniel’s story. He is just too deep and mysterious and is not very easy to read. He is unpredictable with a twist. He is like Momma Jewel’s male version but a deeper version. And I’m wondering why all of my co – workers and even Tatay Gucci, Momma Jewel, Ate Twinkle, Chreshy, Yan, and Joiz keep on teasing me to him. Though I have nothing against him but I know that he is not ready, not just yet. And one thing’s for sure, he is like an innocent puppy, wandering and wondering, about his own space, his identity, his safe haven and I hope that he would be able to find himself and understand himself at the right time.

P.S. I find this picture of us two posted on Ate Twinkle’s Instagram cute and childish because she took a picture of us secretly. *no wonder it’s blurry*



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