11 / 22 / 16

tuesday thoughts

  • Current Mood: Exhausted! Feeling busted! Literally not feeling well to think of anything because I came in late to work today (Monday shift) and I am bombarded by so many thoughts and heightened emotions. feeling-so-down
  • Listening to: *Can’t think of any music to listen on to right now*
  • Thinking of: I want to literally start preparing for my papers and get things done for myself this time. I need to focus on my real career now! I am a nurse and I should be working in the hospital not in an office working a non – related clinical job. There is no other time but today. I need to set achievable goals for myself not just for leisure or for fun. I’m already 25 and I am still stuck here in this four sided walls doing and working on the things that does not make me happy anymore. I know, maybe I am now experiencing some midlife crisis as they call it but NO, I am aware that I just need to do something for myself. super-thinking
  • Eating: I ate spaghetti and I don’t know if I’m literally hungry or not. I guess I am but my system is not working well so my appetite is not that good too.
  • Planning to: Talk with my Papa and Mama about my decision of resigning in the company and finally work as a nurse no matter how the salary looks like, how my shift ends, and how to manage my other concerns. I’ll just cross the bridge when I get there. What matters most now is the fact thatΒ  I should finalize my letter, the date, and when to finally render my 30 days notice. Period! This giphy says it all and I could not disagree to it! πŸ™‚be-easy
  • Hoping to: Cast all of my worries away and lift it all up to the Man above. I know that He knows how troubled my heart is right now. It seriously disturbed. And I surrender it all to Him while I do my part of doing whatever it takes for me to settle all of my financial issues, my hospital requirements and resignation letter for the company, and other stuff. I just have to get started, now or never.

Oh! I’m a bit sad to be sharing some negative aura to you my little young ones but hey this is just a bad day, right? We all have that day where we feel down and lonely and lost and is seeking for some humor and answers either within ourselves or to others. But I hope that your Tuesday is not as bad or as troubled as mine. Again, I’ll do whatever it takes to have a better and stronger jump start, let go of the things that I can’t control and focus to those I can. Are you also doing the same? β™₯

Anyways, Happy Tuesday little young ones! Remember: ⇓⇓⇓




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