11 / 23 / 16

who goat wednesday



Never mind the giphy, I just thought of adding that one up there to add some little spice to our latest Who Goat Wednesday segment. HEHE!

Well, little young ones what I would like to know is, “Do you like watching movies? Do you like watching the sad ones?”. I know, what a silly question for me to ask, right? Who would like to watch a sad story or who would even like to have a sad story? Of course we don’t! We don’t actually like to deal with so much drama and crying and pain of loss or for whatever reason it is that brings pain, right?

As we all know, pain is inevitable and is actually a vital part of our very existence – whatever and whoever we are and we are not. But have you ever experience something like this ⇓⇓⇓:


Is it a yes or a no?

Maybe for some they answered yes and that includes me and for others they might be stuck with a “maybe”. I always end up making my own music video whenever I am traveling alone and then suddenly a familiar song pops in the scene.Β Ring a bell? It’s like an oh-well-kind-of-stuff or here-comes-that-song-again moment. Random thoughts, repressed memories, and mixed emotions just overrules and you could only do two things: you sing along with it or you feel the song as it plays.

Anyhow, whether you do this or not I hope that you will have a wonderful Wednesday little young ones and always remember that you are love in every possible way with or without the music on.

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving β™₯


Your Pandora β™₯


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