11 / 24 / 16



Today, I’m going to share to the world and to you all my little young ones these two pretty ladies, Charmaine a.k.a Chamen and Khimberlee a.k.a Khimmy, who have imparted and influenced me with so much morals, lessons, and views but at the same time, respecting my own outlook in life. I have known these two during my college days and I have loved and treasured them as my own blood – sisters since then the same way that I treat and value my dearest high school best-buddies.

And here are some of our threegether moments:

  1. Tatlong Babae ni Pepe – I really could not remember when it all started but we just simply considered ourselves as the 3 lovely maiden of Dr. Jose P. Rizal. We had a Rizal Class as one of our minor subjects during our first year in college. I just remembered that I claimed to them that I was and still am Leonor Rivera, Pepe’s first love because during my elementary days my elementary crush portrayed Jose Rizal and I was his partner before in the play and I would love to stick with my role no matter what. HAHA! Then Khimmy, since she is chinita and very slim so we started calling her as O Sei San (but her maiden name is Seiko Usui, a daughter of a japanese samurai and she was one of Pepe’s love affair during his stay in Yokohama, Japan) and Chamen as Josephine Bracken (the common – law wife of Rizal). See, we really stick threegether whatever role we would like to portray. LOL. And this photo below was taken in JCentre Mall when we attended a youth fellowship service and we saw this big tarpaulin of Pepe and we just couldn’t help but take a picture with it courtesy of Marl, our photographer that time. Forgive me for the quality of the picture but it was just so cute not to to share because aside from the big tarp of Pepe at the back, we were also wearing the same tees customized by yours truly. HEHE

    From left to right: Me, Khimmy, and Chamen ♥


  2. I-Max Date – I could still remember what movie we watched here, it was “Ice Age: Continental Drift” and Joshua, a friend of ours, tagged along with us because we watched the movie after we attended the Sunday Service in VNBC. And if I’m not mistaken, I believed he treated us to the movie that day too. P.S. I was wearing my eyeglasses behind that I-Max Glass. HAHA!


    From left to right: Khimmy, Me, and Chamen ♥

  3. College Group Seminar – Excuse our youngster faces here but that photo was taken right after the seminar ends. I totally forgot what my role was during that time but what I am sure of was that we nailed the seminar and got a good grade from our Clinical Instructor. Teamwork was really the key. #SeksyonAyy #NursingDays


    From left to right: Me, Khimmy, and Chamen ♥

So these are my two sisters from different mothers and I love them both. We shared so many ups and downs already and we are still rooting for more for as long as we’re THREEGETHER. 🙂 ♥




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