11 / 28 / 16

music monday


Today’s another Music Monday and I am excited to share this song to you little young ones because I love the message of the song and James’ eyes are pretty. The very first time I listened to this song was when we were heading to my friend’s house. My best friend, Bossly, introduced this song to me and he let me listened with the lyrics on. And from that day on I never get tired from listening to this song. I even recorded myself and tried to make a female cover of it just for fun. While listening to the song alone, I prayed and imagined that I hope some day, one day, someone would sing this song to me and for me only.


If you’re wondering why? Listen to it first:

The line that really moved me is the first verse, it says there:

I met you in the dark
You lit me up
You made me feel as though
I was enough

I was enough.Ā 

I hope that that day would come and someone could actually and genuinely tell me that “I am enough” regardless of who I am and who I am not. Of course, we all want someone to accept us fully from the inside out.

I have trust issues and though I have a lot of friends and I am like an open book for some but I only have few chosen friends who deeply know me. That’s why I am eager for that day, “the day”, that someone would actually face all my demons and could either climb or break my wall just to earn my trust in all and with all possible ways he could because I am enough and worth it.

Anyways, too much drama for now. HAHA. I hope you are having a productive and happy Monday little young ones.


Your Pandora ā™„


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