Happiness on a Saturday!

My long wait was over!

Last Saturday, I finally met again my friend Ivy but I prefer to call her Ibeh. It’s been a long time since I met and talk to her. I believed I have shared this in my previous blog post that I have this one friend whom I haven’t talked to since that whole “issue” started almost two years ago. We felt sudden gush of mixed emotions back then when that thing happened. I personally felt disheartened with the outcome because of that petty issue because I know from the start that it’s just a matter of misunderstanding and lack of serious communication with all the piled up issues both unresolved and resolved ones.

Anyhow, let’s end that drama thing and focus on the good side – today’s the day that I met her again. Thanks to Chamen and Khimmy who really helped me out in reaching out to her. Ibeh as well was willing to meet me too.

Chamen, Khimmy, and I met first and just stroll around Ayala Center looking for some gifts for our Kris Kringle while waiting for Ibeh, who will be joining us to dinner that day. So our first stop was, of course, our favorite Chatime. We ordered the same tea but different levels of sweetness, I say,  and we were so happy to see the Christmas feels in the top cover of the tea containers. It’s so us too. After taking a picture of our orders *which was really necessary so that I could use it for my blog post* we then laughed our hearts out because we’ve been spending quality time threegether but we rarely take selfies. It’s almost always about food, our shoes, or the place itself where we hang out. And we just simply enjoy sipping our milk teas, sharing our thoughts and whereabouts since it’s been a while that we’ve chatted personally (we talked more often on Facebook group chat), and laughing moments as well.



After a couple of hours of chit – chatting, we then went to the department store and tried to look for some cosmetics. Such a girl thing! Then hopped in to some boutiques to check  on some boots and trousers and coats and just plainly everything that we could see and find useful especially Chamen, who will be going to Hong Kong.


“Other people may easily identify whose shoes belongs to whom but there are only a few who knows exactly who and what type of a person those shoe owners are” – Ely

We were so tired from our never ending strolling and so we decided to look for a good place to dine in already and we ended up at Mooon CafĂ©. We ordered a lot, like a lot for us four  while we were waiting for Ibeh. We had a long time deciding on what food to eat but one thing’s for sure, we were all hungry. We then started talking again, laughing again and then our conversation then shifted into a more serious mode. We discussed about our life plans, where will we see ourselves 5 to 10 years from now. Which local and international places should we travel threegether. Those kind of stuff that only the three of us could fully understand. We love and respect each others decisions and we always support each others back too unless it’s something unreasonable or crazy because definitely, we will slap each others senses as well just to help us think wiser. We don’t tolerate each others petty decisions *again* unless, it’s worth doing. That’s how much we value each others existence. And while waiting for the food to be served, we took another drinkfie.


Secret, Lemon Fresca, and Fresh Calamansi ♥


Ibeh already gave us a heads up that we should eat ahead since she woke up late and she didn’t want us to starve to death and so we did. HEHE. We ate sumptuously and spent time planning for our travel goal soon in Thailand. We also talked about some places that we would love to go and then out of the blue, Ibeh arrived. It was like I could not feel my feet on the floor. I just looked at her. I was hesitant to smile or take the first move to greet because I was intimidated by the fact that we still have issues that needs to be resolve first. But, NO, I approached her and smiled at her like nothing happened. I felt happy, like really happy because she did not push me away and did not act like she was angry or awkward seeing me. She treated me just like how she used to treat me.

We gave her time to lavishly eat her dinner and at the same time I handed her my pasalubongs during our barkada trip in Surigao and my solo trip in Ilocos. She smiled. It was the smile that I miss. She was still the same except for the fact the she became more open to express herself without holding back. And I’m proud of what she become.

Of course, we would not allow to end that night without taking a groupfie and it was Ibeh who initiated and uploaded it on her Facebook with a caption, “Priceless ♥♥”. The moment I saw it on my notification and Facebook feeds, I cried.


Chamen (in white), Khimmy (in black), Ibeh (sexy spiral sleeveless), and Yours truly 🙂


But we craved for more quality time together so after a little strolling we then decided to go to a movie house in I.T. Park *just like the old times* and without any second thoughts, we did. We watched a Korean movie with a suspense – thriller genre entitled “Hide and Seek”. Gosh! I should have recorded our reactions from covering of our eyes, to squeaking, then sudden screaming and long pauses of sighs and laughter. It was very draining after watching the movie. I mean we always feel the same every after watching a horror or nerve – wrecking, heart – thumping movies. But it was a good one. Smart choice for us. HAHA!

It was already almost 2 AM and were still wide awake but of course we also must go home, right? So we sent off Khimmy first and then the three of us continued to have a little more chitchats while walking down Ibeh to her office then Chamen went home second. “At last”, I said to myself. I would be able to finally have a one on one talking time with Ibeh. And with all honesty, I was really nervous and excited at the same time. She started asking me questions about my whereabouts and with the others’ whereabouts too. I felt happy with the fact that she is still curious about them. She was very sincere when she asked me so many questions about them. That gave me the idea and positive feeling that she is really not closing her doors to the possibility of us being friends again, like all of us again. I asked her very direct questions too and let her understand our side as to why we reacted that way to her before, why she reacted that way to us, and why it all ended up like what we are now. It was hard at first to throw those questions to her because I would love to discuss it with the rest but since Ibeh’s not ready just yet and so as with the others. I keep my hopes up and ready my heart to whatever possible questions and answers she would give me.

I understand Ibeh now and she also respected my own views as well. I just hope and pray that time will come that it will also be the same with my other friends, who are also her friend to begin with. We’ve been together since high school and it was like a decade and more years of friendship. A bond I hope and pray would not be put to waste.

All in all, it was a good and heartfelt meet up and we look forward to more bonding time and the rest. Counting more happy days with the little things and for the little things that matters. 🙂


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