12 / 05 / 16


music monday


Another Music Monday segment little young ones!

How is your Monday so far? If you’re going to ask me about my Monday, well, it is always a slow – paced day for me. Steady lang!

I thought of posting a Bisaya song since I am a proud Cebuano and I just totally felt like sharing this piece by TJ Monterde entitled “Kung Siya Man”.

Enjoy listening to it first and I’ll tell you my insight after. 

At first, I thought the song is like a man is asking for the girl to choose between him and the other but as I listen to it a couple of times and more, I was wrong. Because the song entails the man’s sadness towards the girl’s decision and it’s not him but the other but still he’s happy for her. 

In this lyric verse, he says:

Kung siya man (If it’s him) 

Ang mapilian (That you’re choosing) 

Wa koy mahimo ana,  pero (I couldn’t do anything about it but) 

Sakit lang gyud kaayo. (It truly hurts) 

Kung siya man. (If it’s him) 

Ang maswertehan (That’s lucky to be chosen) 

Wa ko’y mahimo ana,  pero (I couldn’t do anything about it but) 

Hatagan ta mo’s respeto (I’ll respect it) 

Hangyo lang ayaw siya’ g pasakiti (I just hope that you won’t hurt her) 

Ug ayaw jud siya’g biyai (Nor leave her) 

Kay kung iming sayangan (Because if you do) 

Buhaton ko ang tanan (I’ll do whatever it takes) 

Wala na kay balikan. (To get her back) 

It means that the man is in pain and hurt although he respects the girl’s decision. I mean, who would not? He is willing to carry the sadness alone rather than seeing the girl cry on his side. That’s selfless love and that’s how love should be. Do you agree? 

I have always been a believer of true love in all forms. I don’t care if people would judge me as an idealist, hopeless romantic, and a fairy-tale princess stuck in my own dungeon waiting for my prince because of my perception about love but this is who I am. Better mind your own, right? 

Anyways, let’s talk more about selfless love. Does this kind of love still exist? Maybe for some, yes. Others would say, maybe. For the rest, no. We all respect that. And as for me? It’s a yes.

But what I am more curious of is how selfless could we be? *pondering*

This question’s too deep, don’t you think? It’s just I have done it before. I let go of that person so that he could be happier. If you’re asking me if it was worth it, I’d bravely say yes. 

It was tormenting that I drowned myself to sleep with my tears almost every night. Sudden flashbacks of memories of him and I was just so painful that I force myself to sleep and try get myself lost in oblivion. That’s how it was for me and I don’t how other people who have done the same felt or have been through. And if you were to ask me again if it was worth it? I’ll still say yes. 


Because before I let go, I made sure within myself that I did something for him and with whatever relationship we had just to make things work for the last time. So he and I did but it didn’t. 

Because before I let him go, I challenged myself to miss him and hate him at the same time because of what he did to me. But I could not dare to do the latter. So I chose the first one. 

Because before I chose to let go, I let him see all the parts of me that he broke and above all, it was my trust that he broke so much. I told him that he couldn’t fix it no matter what he did. So he gave up.

And that’s why I let go because it’s no longer healthy. 

When you drain each other’s hapiness away. When trust is no longer tgere, how can you stay in love? How can you say that the two of you are happy when there’s another person involved that could make him or her happier? 

See? Sometimes the reason why you let go of the person is not because you didn’t love the person anymore or you did not love the person that much that’s why you didn’t fight for it until the end. Sometimes you just have to be brave enough no matter how devastating it could be, either others would call it martyrdom or stupidity, but if you choose to see that person’s genuine happiness back but in somebody else’s side then so be it. 

I know. It’s a tough decision to make but if you do it by heart, you’ll get through a day after day after day. And that’s one of the many forms of selfless love. 

Would you do the same? 

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the song and my fair share of insight. I’m such a melo-dramatic woman. Haha! Enjoy and have a productive Monday afternoon little young ones. 🙂



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