Christmas Party on a Saturday.

“To go or not to go?”, that was my question a few weeks ago. I was half – hearted in attending to our company’s year – end party because of so many factors. I don’t like urging myself to do something that I am not so into either. But I also thought that this would be the last time that I’ll be attending the Christmas Party in this company and so I did.

Good thing Ate Twinkle gave me a very beautiful mini – black dress that I could wear for the party *because again for the fact that I really don’t like dressing up myself so extravagantly and I really wasn’t sure of attending*. I thought of just wearing something comfortable and that defines me, easy -going, warm, and an old soul. So first, I thought of pairing the dress with a high – heel but shifted my thought to wearing a high – cut sneakers or a white comfy white shoes. And I chose the latter.

I didn’t get enough sleep that day because of so many chores but I was still able to manage to wake up, tie my hair, and applied a little color and spice to my face to make myself look presentable for the event. #sarilingsikapmode

So there I was. I felt like a modern Cinderella for a night because my aunts were asking me, what happened to their old – fashioned kiddo at home. HAHA! I could not blame them. I rarely wear dresses and apply make – up on my face. I am contented with a little powder, a tint on my cheek, and a lipstick that describes my mood and then I’m ready to go. But that night, I was slightly different. I think.

When I arrived at the venue I first saw Claire and  Albert as well and I felt so relieved. Because what I hate the most in going to parties and events is wandering around the place looking for familiar faces that I could talk to. *problem of a shy type old soul*

Here are our first few pictures before getting inside the hall.

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The crowd was amazing inside! The hall was well – lighted and the set – up was different compared to last year. We then gathered in one table eating our dinner with our other friends and co – workers because we were so hungry. I literally stayed with Claire’s teammates because I considered them “happy people” to be with. We had a lot selfies and groufies and teasing and laughing and screaming and quality time together. I didn’t expect to have enjoyed the party that much if not for them and with them. They made my last Christmas Party in UHG a memorable one.

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I also took a few mandatory selfies just to make sure that I was really at the party? HAHA. Just for fun though while my other friends were so busy chanting and cheering and falling in line for the freebies.




We own the night as they say. We danced to the beat of the music while spending quality time mingling with our other teammates. It really was a blast. We then decided to continue to chill in Cubana. I really love the ambiance there because there’s a live band playing all your all time favorite acoustic, to reggae then to metal rock music. I love the pizza there too. We had an amazing time there. I took 2 – 3 shots but that was all but I was the tanggera in the group which I enjoy doing. Charon came back as well to celebrate with us after prepping his stuff for his flight the next day. I saw my favorite guy vocalist again but this that time he did not sing a metal rock song, he sang mellow rock. It was cool. He was cool!


After our long night conversation and chit – chats we then decided to go home and believe it or not, it was already passed 3 AM. Albert still has a class the next day and Joiz and I will still have an activity to attend to at 10 in the morning. Claire and Ked (Claire’s boyfriend) and Aljhoan (the sexy back girl with a peace sign) went together, then Joiz and Charles, and Albert went with Ate Twinkle and Titoy since they have a car. And I? I went with Charon with his big bike for the very first time. And the rest? We made the best of our day and night together because that’s what matters most. Best chill time for me!

My last Christmas Party in the company that I have worked with for the past 2 years and 4 months and still counting until my last 30 days was amazing and will still be.

#IAmOptum #TeamAllSavers #TeamBagduk #TeamYOLO #TeamSteady #TeamRA


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