12 / 07 / 16

who goat wednesday






I know right. I can relate to this too. How about you little young ones? Have you been eyeing on someone so much that you get butterflies on your tummy, then your eyes will be fixed on him or her when he or she walks by, with just one “hi” or smile could actually completes your day, flooding likes and hearts on his or her Facebook and Instagram accounts and that includes some stalking and ninja moves too, and even imagining him or her in every music video that sinks in your mind? My answer is a big YES.


Lucky for those who have a crush and likes them in return. Congratulations! You’re not a member of Camp Sawi. HAHA!


But for those *I really don’t want to use this word but* unlucky ones. I say you’re not alone especially if the one that your crushing on is already taken. #sadlife

Status: In a relationship.


I mean, not that you have to literally burn him or them together or kill yourself just for crushing on him but he can’t like you back. It’s just that there’s that feeling of sadness, we can’t change that and we can’t control it as well. Because in our mind and in our heart we had that little hope that someday, maybe one day, he or she will also feel the same way towards us. Sometimes we also assume that he or she does somewhat likes us back but that assumption consumes us – which is bad.

But one piece of advice though: please never ever be the reason of your crushes’ break – up. Crushing or admiring someone is definitely okay. It’s not wrong. It’s normal. We can be attracted based on their looks, skills, talents, manners and even for an unknown reason and just simply because we find him or her likeable. But we also have to keep our limits cool and know where we should stand especially if the one we are crushing on or liking on to is already and literally with someone else.

Alright, little young ones? And if your crush does not like you, maybe not now, maybe never, but someone above will not just like you but will love you with all that you are and you are not. The Man above knows the desire your heart, don’t fret. Good things happen to those who patiently wait. You can make simple steps but do it with caution.

Have a blissful Wednesday little young ones.

Lots of love,

Your Pandora ♥



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