12 / 08 / 16




I feel like it’s Friday already but still it’s Thursday little young ones so just keep on counting and let’s make the most of our waking day a very good day to make a change. And welcome back to my Throwback Thursday segment and I decided to randomly post my collaged pictures just for fun. Well excuse my vanity little young ones but this is a free country, right? 🙂

  1. Weakling Look – I could still remember that I had this selfie when I  took a sick leave from work because I have some issues with my larynx. I had to be on a voice rest for 5 days. Just imagine that? Well, as expected, I didn’t literally follow what my doctor told me though because I want to spend quality time chatting with my Mamadearest and nephew Zachary that time but lesser voice straining kind of chit – chats though.meme03
  2. Valentines Day Look – Say hello to my short hair kind of look. I look like a kid here that’s what they told me. That pic was taken last February 14, 2014 in out internet shop. I so love my nails there too because I rarely use dark or bloody red as nail color because it looks so mature for me. HAHA! Now that I’m looking at this pic, I kind of thinking of cutting my hair again, what do you think?meme01
  3. Nurse on Duty Look –  Goodness! I miss being a nurse. Me in my white uniform and white shoes. My nursing pin and cap. Everything that connects me to my nursing life. I miss it all! And I claim that 2017 is my year! I’ll be Nurse Lovely again no matter what it takes, even if, and despite of. meme02

This is all for now little young ones. I hope that you will have a tremendous Thursday. You post and show all your throwback pictures and stories but not your throwback sadness and hate, alright?

Lots of love,

Your Pandora ♥






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