Picture Challenge 1.8

fun fact friday

A picture of my favorite local and international band.


From left to right: Tmac Cruz (drums), Yael Yuzon (lead vocalist), Gosh Dilay (bass guitarist), and Armo Armovit (lead guitarist)

Sponge Cola has always been my favorite local band since my high school days aside from Bisrock and underrated or underground bands. They have so many songs that have captured my heart both their original compositions to revival songs. What makes them unique is that they don’t overdo their live concerts and they just love to socialize and connect with their fans and supporters through Twitter and Facebook. My favorite song in this band is “Gemini”. 🙂


From left to right: Will Champion (drummer and back-up vocalist), Jonny Buckland (lead guitarist), Guy Berryman (bass guitarist), Chris Martin (lead vocalist)

Coldplay, my oh my! And they are going to Manila and I’m stuck here in Cebu because the ticket is just so freaking expensive! I feel so brokenhearted. I really would love to see them perform live for at least once in my life. My favorite song of this band is “Fix You”. 🙂


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