12 / 13 / 17

tuesday thoughts


  • Current Mood: Trying to co – exist because I have a lot of things in my mind right now which I am trying to decipher one by one by one. thinking-gif
  • Listening to: “Spring Love” by Wendy from Red Velvet and Eric Nam oppa.
  • Thinking of: Something to destruct me right now. Food, music, or anything to read just to keep myself on track with all my plans for the week.calming-gifs-control
  • Eating: I’m so full. We (Ate Twinkle and Dan) had a sumptuous meal this morning. *Lutong  – bahay is the best*
  • Planning to: Empty my mind with non – sense stuff and redirect myself to my priorities. I have to! Tough it through Lablab!1434985866-kurtz-9
  • Hoping to: Find the courage to eliminate whatever it is that is bothering me right now and I’d be able to patch things up with my broken chores and unfinished tasks.

Well, this is all for today my little young ones. I just feel so gloomy because there is this someone so dear to me and she is brokenhearted. Her heart is in colic and I can’t do anything for her but just to listen. It’s like my heart’s breaking as well. I could not afford to see someone so important to me feeling so hopeless and having thoughts of regret for what she did for the past 6 years and what she did not do to change it.

This is also the reason why I always, always, and always remind you little young ones on how important time is because once we lost, we can never have it back. So we better use our time wisely, not to control it but to go along with it. Do not defy or cheat with time, alright?

Have a tremendous Tuesday my little young ones.

Lots of love,

Your Pandora ♥








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