12 / 14 / 16

who goat wednesday

Let’s talk about CRUSH again this time, okay?

If you’re asking me why did I choose to talk about this topic again? Well, simply because I have a lot of friends and even myself before *I won’t deny it* are crushing on someone that we just¬†literally¬†can’t have. It’s¬†not because they don’t like us in return but because they are already taken or in a relationship or still haven’t moved on from their past relationship.


But let’s define crush first. According to¬†Google, “crush” is a verb that means to¬†have a brief but intense infatuation for (someone). Now what is infatuation? According to Oxford “infatuation” means an intense but short – lived passion or admiration for someone or something. So literally it did not indicate there that that someone he or she, you or we are crushing on to should also feel the same towards us. Am I right or I am right?

Well to like, to appreciate, or to adore¬†someone is something that is freely given to us. We can appreciate them by their looks, their style, their skills and talents, their traits, their interests, their humor, and even on the simplest details that you could think of that person that draws you in. And that is normal. Don’t be scared nor fret about it. It’s part of our existence¬†that somewhere along the way there would be that someone who could make our hearts flustered and even beat more than the normal.

Lucky you if you have a crush on someone and that someone likes you back. It’s not just butterflies that would be filling in your belly but I guess it’s ¬†the entire zoo or safari, right? But it’s another¬†story if you are crushing on someone and that someone is already taken like he or she is officially going out with another, or¬†he or she is in a legit relationship either it’s going strong, steady, or even in a complicated status, or it could also be that he or she just haven’t moved on yet from¬†his or her¬†past love.

*Long sigh*

Out of the three reasons that I could think of, the latter for me is the most painful. Don’t you think? Because the first and the second one, it’s already given that you really can’t be with that person because¬†he or she is ¬†with someone else for whatever the degree of relationship there is between them. And you don’t want to be a relationship breaker right? Because I don’t want to nor¬†dare myself to be one as well. I hate cheating and I don’t want to be cheated. I am also a woman. I¬†don’t have the temerity¬†to lure or steal another woman’s man for my own happiness. That’s a big NO for me. I hope little young ones we are sharing the same sentiments. That we should always know what is wrong from right. Cheating is bad. Being the reason of a break – up now that’s the worst.

But let’s go back to the latter – crushing on someone who haven’t moved on just yet¬†from his or her past love. He or she is not officially taken and definitely not in a relationship but he or she is trap from his or her own dungeon of sorrow and pain and of longing from his or her past relationship. Even if that person has¬†all the possibilities of liking,¬†of adoring, or crushing on you back¬†but¬† still you can’t have that person. Maybe¬†not for now. Maybe¬†not tomorrow. Maybe not just yet.¬†


Sorry for sharing something very hugot today my little young ones but I hope and pray that you are all having a happy Wednesday. Just keep your game face on and paint a beautiful smile on your face always. Who knows somewhere out there someone is actually crushing on you too, you just haven’t notice him or her yet.

Stay healthy little young ones.

Lots of love,

Your Pandora ‚ô•


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