“So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!” Is this line familiar to you? I guess all of us are familiar to it. And if it’s true then it would have been nice right? Us flying up in the air, free like a bird. We won’t need for pixie dusts or Harry Potter’s wand or Aladdin’s magic carpet anymore for us to fly. I hope it’s just that simple but it’s not.

Human as we are, we think and act rationally. It’s a given fact. We think of so many things that we strongly believe we can do and achieve but sometimes we also overthink. We plan but we sometimes miss some important details and fall short of ideas. We initiate but we sometimes lack some back – up strategies. We strive for the better but we sometimes overkill the momentum because we only focus on one thing and neglect on the little things that matters. And you know what little young ones, it’s normal. It’s alright. Let’s not be so hard on ourselves. When we experience hardships, failures, or received negative feedbacks and reactions from people, or even when were not being appreciated – let’s stop the blaming game and rather let’s use all of those as our stepping stone for us to become more driven to master our strengths and capabilities.

NO to our bad thoughts and a big YES to our good thoughts.

I’m not just conveying these to you. I am relaying these to US. When I share some insights and motivations about life, this is not just for me to post something here in my blog. Lifting up the mood, awakening the good vibes, and enlightening the happy thoughts is not my responsibility, it’s our own responsibility. We are the one who create our own happiness. But also from time to time we will need someone to remind us that, do you agree? Because if you were to ask me, I do.

When we feel like we are running out of reasons to move forward. When we can no longer love our own because of so much pain and fears within us. When trust scarce. When hope is seldom to be found or met. Or when giving up is the only option left. We need to have someone to back us up. And we call them our “support system”.

If reading motivational articles, writings, and books would help you to keep moving forward then keep doing it. If reaching out to your family and friends whom you can trust your burdens with then keep expressing what you feel inside. If doing some anger and stress management activities would lessen the anxiety then explore for more. If traveling could help you mature and make the right decisions, go for it.  If having a “me time” works best for you, make up for yourself. Divert your bad thoughts into a good one by investing your time on things that would help you grow and excel on the field that you are fascinated into. And lastly, you pray. Praying really helps a lot not just in times of trouble but every time.

So together let’s shred those bad thoughts off and focus on the good one. Life’s too short to make it more complicated. Create as much good memories as we can because it is something that money can’t buy nor be stolen from us. That’s ours to keep. I hope little young ones these pondered happy thoughts could help you. And I hope that we keep on spreading happy thoughts. 🙂 🙂 🙂




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