12 / 22 / 16



I was supposed to post this last week for my Throwback Thursday segment but last week was just such a not so steady week for me. I was so bombarded by so many sessions *both transferred and scheduled ones* at work and other chores at home and for the party as well. In short, I lost track of time and I wasn’t able to really post it as it should be.

Anyhow, I’m going to post it now *With his sneaky approval ⇒ Messaged him through Facebook. HAHA* since I have a very chill shift today. So today’s Throwback Thursday segment will be all about my guy best friend, Jeric a.k.a. Bossly because  it was his birthday last 13th of December and I thought of posting something  about him for you to get know him as well. So little young ones, this is my guy best friend Bossly. *applause*

  1. High School Christmas Party Selfie – Excuse my eye bags and my bear hoody here little young ones. HAHA! So this selfie was taken after I finished swimming and stuff during our High School Christmas Party in Villa Teresita. LOL! I am two months and 5 days older than him. But he thinks more mature than I do. Sometimes. He doesn’t like taking pictures because he is a camera shy type of person but good thing now that he is ‘more sociable’. Not that he is asocial as well, in fact, he is a very friendly person but for those who doesn’t know him would find him intimidating to talk or approach to at first glance because he has a very sharp eyes when he stares. He is tall as well. But trust me, he is a very warm person. bosslyandi03
  2. Unexpected Meet – up at Church – I was with my girl best friend Joiz *and I believed you know her already* that time because there was an event at her place. But before we went over to her house,  we attended the 10 AM Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church when suddenly I saw someone so familiar approaching on our spot. It was my brother from a different mother who approached us. It was  really unexpected. Not that my best friend doesn’t go to church *though he really doesn’t go often* but because he was all alone. I am aware as well that his girlfriend, Ayen, is a Christian and doesn’t have the same religion as ours but good thing that he still goes to church. I told him not to pressure himself about their (him and Ayen) differences for now because changing or shifting one’s religion is a calling for spiritual growth. It is not something that we should coerce or imply right away. It really takes time. And I hope that he will be able to discover it within him by God’s grace. Bossly is a very silent worker and you will know if you are valued by him when he tells you straight to your face your flaws and helps you pick up your messes. He is like a sponge to me as I am like a sponge to my other friends. He knows me too well.bosslyandi02
  3. First Peace Sign Twofie – His first ever peace sign pic with me. HAHA! It was taken at Burrows Chicken Lounge. We were with our close high school buddies pigging out that time. And while we were waiting for an available to space to hopped in, we tried to make use of our time chit – chatting outside, taking selfies, and just merely killing the hunger mode on because there were a lot of people in the area. Bossly is again a timid type of person but he knows how to play, roll, and toss his own dice. You just need to get to know him and understand him.bosslyand101

I call him Bossly because as I have mentioned he thinks and decides so maturely, calmly, and naturally. You may find it annoying sometimes because you might think he is not serious about what he is doing or saying to you but most of the time, he really is – SERIOUS and truly means it. He doesn’t talk too much because he is more of a listener *and that’s something I really do appreciate about him* and I am blessed to know someone like him. He loves to teased and bully our other friends as well which sometimes led him to uneasy situations with them. HAHA!

Bossly calls me MAFS by the way and it stands for (My Apprentice Future Successor) because before he used to call me “apprentice” but he find it too long to type in so he made a new nickname for me. And I like MAFS better.

Bossly may not be my blood brother but he is and will always be a brother to me. I only value few chosen guy friends and Bossly is one of them that I can trust all my demons and craziness and mood swings *both the extremes* with. Though  I only know a little about him on a very personal basis but that doesn’t make me value and care for him less.

So this is all for my Throwback Thursday segment for now little young ones. And you somehow know a glimpse of my guy best friend already. Do you also have a guy best friend like me? Anyways, I hope you are having a good time and stay positive and proactive as well not just for today but every single day.

Remain warm and bright little young ones.

Lots of love,

Your Pandora ♥




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