365 Questions to Ask Myself before 2017: Tenth Batch of 30 Questions


Are you starting your day right little young ones? Because I am. Not just because I am trying to be productive here in my blog but even outside my “blogverse”. HEHE! I have a very long to – do list to accomplish today and I seriously somehow felt a bit off because of my new hair but I’ll moved on. Eventually. HAHA.

I honestly just cut my long hair little young ones. Like 5 inches off and I felt emotional every time I think of it. HAHA. Well oh well, my hair will get longer and longer anytime soon. I’ll better keep that thought to calm me down because there are a lot of things that I need to focus on to other than feeling sepanx *separation anxiety* with my hair like my gifts for my dearest loved ones that I haven’t wrapped yet, I still have to buy some more gifts, and I need to prepare for more stuff for the Christmas Eve too.

And included in my to – do list for today is to answer my tenth batch of thirty questions. Can you believe it? In short I have already answered  three hundred questions and I still have sixty – five questions more to go and I’m done with Marc Chernoff’s amazing, mind – boggling, and helpful questions. So let’s get it started then little young ones.

365 Thought Provoking Questions to Ask Yourself This Year

  1. What has fear of failure stopped you from doing? Being in a relationship.
  2. Who would you like to please the most? My Mamadearest. She is not easily lure, swayed, and tamed. Trust me. HAHA.
  3. If you could go back in time and change things, what would you change about the week that just passed? My expenses. HAHA
  4. When you meet someone for the very first time what do you want them to think about you? That I am a warm person *easy to be with despite my intimidating aura*.
  5. Who would you like to forgive? Myself.
  6. At what point during the last five years have you felt lost and alone? When I first experienced heartbreak. We’re not even official but I felt like I was broken into pieces and just got lost somewhere at some point.
  7. What is one opportunity you believe you missed out on when you were younger? To graduate elementary and high school with honors. I messed up with my studies and extra – curricular activities. I should have done better.
  8. What do you want more of in your life? Time. More quality time.
  9. What do you want less of in your life? Fears.
  10. Who depends on you? My family. My friends. My puppy.
  11. Who has had the greatest impact on your life? My parents.
  12. Are you happy with where you are in your life?  Why? I am happy. Because even though I have a lot of complains with my current job because it’s not in – line with my profession but I have met so many amazing people with different personalities and traits, made friends with few people whom I can easily be with and share deeper connections with, and a lot of first – time encounters that are not so common in the hospital. But I would be even happier if I could also have this kind of moments in the hospital soon – me being a nurse again.
  13. In one year from today, how do you think your life will be different? I have enough savings, I’m already a regular nurse in the hospital, and I’ll be more proactive in making family decisions.
  14. How have you sabotaged yourself in the past five years? I cut off connections to the world and distant myself when I find that my comfort zone will be at stake or terrorized. And I am aware that it’s wrong and that’s why now I am trying to loosen up myself, getting myself lost *the good kind of lost* while in the process of discovering something more within myself, and just being free.
  15. Other than money, what else have you gained from your current job? Experience. Travel. Friends.
  16. Whom do you secretly envy?  Why? SECRET. Why? Secret again. HAHA.
  17. In twenty years, what do you want to remember? That I was an outgoing, adrenaline junky, warm – hearted, and very loving woman to my family, friends, and to every one else I met in this worldly life.
  18. What are you most excited about in your life right now – today? Me working back again in the hospital again. Me travelling with my dearest friends. Me opening myself to a new chapter of my life as a woman *being in a relationship* maybe. Just maybe. But I am excited.
  19. What experience from this past year do you appreciate the most? That at times of sorrow and pain, aside from your family and friends whom you call as your support system, it is a must to never ran out of reasons to love yourself more and more. Being our own hero is never and will never be a bad thing.  
  20. What is the most enjoyable thing your family has done together in the last three years? When we went to Bohol to celebrate my father and sister’s birthday. It was our first ever get – away as a family. It was my family’s first – ever travel crossing an ocean for 2 hours and staying to a place we’ve never been.
  21. How many hours of television do you watch in a week?  A month?  A year? I’m not a television kind of girl but I do watch or stream a lot on my phone. Like truly a lot.
  22. What is the biggest obstacle that stands in your way right now? Hmmm. Aside from finances to suffice me and my hospital training journey but also my health. I need to be physically ready anytime soon for my training.
  23. What do you sometimes pretend you understand that you really don’t? Some people’s way of thinking about marriage. We have different views and norms though, so I try to understand them without judging them.
  24. What do you like most about your job?  What do you dislike most about your job? I could encourage my members in their weight loss journey and help them see the advantage of preventing major health complications to get in their way. Dislike? Level 5 noise from insensitive colleagues, sometimes.
  25. What’s something new you recently learned about yourself? That I am okay with the “no-make-up-just-lipstick-kind-of-look” whenever and wherever although I have been use to it for quite a while now. HAHA! Because I easily get conscious since I have to look presentable and physically present in front of my students (and not look like  a zombie). HAHA.
  26. In one sentence, how would you describe your relationship with your mother? We are constantly building a room full of hope and love and understanding without bickering and worrying about each other because there is respect and trust in every corner and edges of the room. My Mamadearest knows that too.
  27. What was the most defining moment in your life during this past year? Traveling SOLO. I made it memorable and enjoyable.
  28. What’s the number one change you need to make in your life in the next twelve months? To be more frugal and patient.
  29. What makes you feel secure? When I know that my family is healthy and intact.
  30. What is your favorite sound? Sound of the ocean waves while I am sitting calmly in the seashore.

This is all for now little young ones. I’ll try my very best to update you this  weekend and post something as well since I’ll be going home to my hometown to celebrate Christmas there with my family.  The internet connection there is not so good but I will not use that as an excuse. I’ll keep you posted. No worries.

It’s just two more days to go and it’s the Man Above’s birthday already. I hope that we have prepared not just our presents but our presence for Him as well. Before Santa, Jesus Christ first, alright?

I hope you are all having a merry and wonderful Friday. Let us all spend our time wisely with our family and friends. Let’s go to church or attend to the service. Offer something to those who will be singing Christmas carols outside our house or to those random people whom we will meet outside and are asking for our blessings. Remember, it is always better to give than to receive.

I love you earthlings. I love you little young ones. Be good always. ♥

Happy fly day Friday 🙂



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