Picture Challenge 1.10

fun fact friday

A picture of me and a family member.


Little young ones this is my Papadearest. I call him that but my friends call him “Papa Pips”. His friends call him “Dodong Pio”, “Noy Pio”, or “Pioski”. He is a retired Chief Automotive Mechanic. He is a very loving, unconditional, and very understanding man. He is very sweet to my Mamadearest. He is very reliable to his comrades. He is very jamming and open to my friends. Do I look like him? HAHA! A lot of people would say that we really like a twin. And I could not disagree with them though. LOL. And most especially, I love him so much that I would not exchange him for the world. ♥ #PapasLittleGirl


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