01 / 04 / 17

who goat wednesday


Let’s start our day with a big smile little young ones. It could be this kind of smile ⇓smile-simba-nalaor this ⇓tumblr_m9yz77kkgx1qfc8cw

It doesn’t matter how you look like when you smile, what’s important is you are smiling with your heart and soul because there is always a reason to smile. It kills the negative vibes away too.

And since it’s Wednesday today, it means it’s another round for our Who – Goat Wednesday segment. Are you ready? I hope you are. So here I am again trying to look for a good punch lines, pick up lines, or anything catchy to share whether it’s about love or life or both and then suddenly I saw this giphy and I thought it’s something good to ponder on to.


Have this thought ever cross your mind little young ones?

Because “I do”.

BUT even if I sometimes question myself why terrible things are happening to me, I always keep my head and my hopes up. Because I do believe that if good days must come to an end, for sure – so as with the bad ones.

I remembered one time my best friend Joiz posted on her Facebook status stating, “I am scared of feeling so overjoyed today because I might suffer so much at the end”. Do you believe in this? That it’s better to have a “so – so kind of feeling” rather than feeling so much of the extremes because one day we might experience some misfortunes and unhappy events that would crush us down so deeply. But as I say, I don’t really want to focus on the bad ones now. Not because I got used to it but because I have so much faith and hope within me that if we contemplate on counting our blessings more and more it could holistically be healthier for us. Do you agree?

Francis Kong, one of the most respected business speaker in the country, once shared that “If life is tough –  always remind yourself to the distance between your starting point to the finish line. If you’re already at the middle, why stop? If you have just started, keep moving forward. If you believed that your in the wrong direction, take a rest then start walking again”. And I really agree with him. Happiness comes from within so as with courage. Same goes with pain and change because these two are inevitable so the best thing that we could do with these beautiful catastrophes is to tough it through no matter what it takes.

Easy for me to say, right? But it’s still our call at the end whether we allow ourselves to fight for it or to be defeated by it. The latter sounds uneasy and not good *though sometimes it’s also essential to lose and be lost* but if we could possibly win every single battle that we take, life would be sweet.

So let’s keep in mind little young ones that what’s important is that every waking day of our lives is actually a brand new day to start something. Don’t wait for 2017 just to get started. If you can do something today, then do it now. Lessen the bad vibes by counting the good things in life and not on the terrible things. If bad things are or will keep on coming our way, let’s all have faith that somewhere, someday good things will follow the way the Man above planned it to be. Agree or agree? *winking*

Have a Witty and Wondrous Wednesday little young ones.

Hugs and kisses,

From Your Pandora ♥


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