Picture Challenge 1.11

fun fact friday

A picture of someone who inspires me.



It’s a given fact that my parents, siblings, my raggy – puppy Munchy, and closest friends are my inspiration to strive more and harder despite the shortcomings and failures that I’ve been through but this cute kiddo here in the picture is someone that I value the most. He may not be my son *because that’s what a lot of people thought so* but he is my first ever nephew. He is both a blessing and a miracle to us. His innocence and undeniable charm really uplifts my spirit especially when I’m hitting rock bottom already. He gave me strength. He easily sways me with his cuteness when he asks for something. I just can’t say no to him most of the time. He is already 5 years old now but he thinks and reacts so maturely and it’s because he’s been surrounded by so many adults at home.

How about you little young ones, who is that person that inspires you the most? Care to share? I’ll be waiting. Oh! It’s Rizal’s Day today and it’s payday Friday too. HEHE. I hope you’re not rush buying again for the New Year’s Eve but if you do, please be careful and stay safe.

Anyways have an amazing and fantastic Friday little young ones. 🙂

So much love,

Your Pandora ♥


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