01 / 02 / 17

music monday


Happy 2nd of January my dear little young ones.

I’m back after a cool and long vacation. I really spent it well. How about you? How was your New Year? I hope you enjoyed and cherished it well with your loved ones. And so I’m kicking my 2017 with a good note. It means that I have given myself a memorandum that this year,  I’ll be more active, be more open, bolder and fiercer with my posts, truer as ever, and just let my heart out whether it’s my daily segment posts, my poems, and everything that I could think of.

I am ready but are you? HEHE. I hope that you’re not yet tired from my extreme random thoughts, vanity, and my novice way of expressing myself here in my blog. That’s why I always encourage you little young ones to share your thoughts on my writings by leaving a comment so that I would know and learn from them. I would accept whatever it is that is in your mind. This is a free world. I believed in the power of freedom of speech. So bring it on!

Since today is Monday so it’s Music Monday segment and here I am again sharing another Korean song to you. The title of the song is “Beautiful” by Crush. Why this song? Well please listen to it first with the English sub on it so that you’ll appreciate it more. 🙂


How do you find the song little young ones? Do you find it cute? Or do you find it bitter – sweet the same way that I do? This is actually the 4th official soundtrack of the Korean Drama, Goblin: The Lonely and The Great. I honestly haven’t followed on this series yet though there are really great actors and actresses on this drama. I have only watched the first episode as well because it’s very lengthy and I really hate the “waiting game” for the next episode to be released. Trust me, it’s very tiring and frustrating. HAHA!

But how did I discover this song? Well, I was scanning through some Instagram updates on the KBS Awards when I, out of curiosity, clicked on the video clip where Gong Yoo oppa (the main actor, the Goblin) was smiling beautifully and this song happened to be the background to that video clip. The video was so short so I wasn’t able to appreciate the song well so I searched for it on YouTube and I saw this music video with a sub on it and I find it shareable. Why? I’ve seen a lot of comments and feedback from other Korean drama fanatics that this would be another drama that would end on a sad note, a very sad one. It means to say it’s another unhappy ending. That’s why I got curious again and watched the first episode to see if the story line was predictable and somewhat those people’s comments were 50% correct.

But let’s focus back on the song, the lines that captured my heart was these:

If I am with you under this sky
Just breathing alone makes me happy

It’s the same way as saying that “Even if I am not with you right now, the fact that you are well and happy is already enough for me”. Do you agree? That’s why I said that this song is bitter – sweet because it implicates sadness and happiness at the same time. And I am cringing right now because I am itching to watch the next episodes just to correct my assumptions that this drama is another drama that will break my heart at the end. Again.

Anyhow, this is my personal view on this song. What’s yours little young ones? But whether you like the song or not? Whether you’re Korean Drama fanatic or not? Whether you have watched the drama or not? I hope that you are having a bountiful and amazing Monday. Please stay dry and safe.

Hugs and kisses,

From Your Pandora ♥


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