12 Things that 2016 made me realized.


Before I set myself for another 365 days for 2017, I would like to look forward on what I have done, witnessed, experienced, and learned in 2016. Though I am already two days late AGAIN to post this because of our very slow internet connection but please forgive me once more little young ones and allow me to post this still *winking*.

Last year has been very generous to me because I have traveled four amazing local tourist spots here in the Philippines. I have built better, stronger, and happier bond with my family, friends, and colleagues. I met new friends too. I have surpassed some turmoil and crazy life events as well. So I must say that despite all the shortcomings and unfortunate events and that includes some missed opportunities too that have come my way, I was able to braved them through and survived them well.

Anyways, here are the twelve things or should I say lessons and insights *though there are still more* that I have acquired for the last 365 days. Please do excuse my vanity here as well my little young ones, I actually had a lot of time to take a couple of shots using my camera here in the office and I just so love my blue hoody too. *peace sign*

  1. Never. Rush. LOVE. 


    First, 2016 taught me that I don’t need to explain myself as to why I am still single up until now. All I know and believed in is that when I fall in love I free fall into it but if my heart’s half – hearted then there must be a deeper reason why. I trust God’s timing for me. I know that someone is just somewhere out there. I know. ♥

  2.  FAITH > Fears 


    Also 2016 opened my heart and soul to be more faithful. Like I always share to you little young ones, I am indecisive in making decisions for myself. But for the last 5 months of 2016, I have seen some improvement and I am very proud to myself. The turning point for me was when I decided to travel alone and I survived it. 🙂

  3. SMILE, genuinely.


    Third, 2016 helped me to be more giving through smiling warmly to everyone. Although they say it’s easy to fake a smile which I somewhat agree to it. In fact, I always have an “auto – smile on” when I’m at work because it’s a video session but I must say that NOT all of my smile during my sessions are fake. There were times when I smile from ear to ear when a member shares some happy moments of their weight loss journey and how excited they are when things are going well with their efforts. Let’s smile always little young ones because it’s free. 

  4. It’s alright to CRY. 


    Fourth, though I have realized it already before but it’s always okay to remind myself every single time that crying is not a sign of weakness. There’s a reason why our tear ducts are in our system, right? Crying is my way  to express pain, anger, fears, disappointments, and even happiness. Let’s cry if we need it to little young ones. T_T

  5. To LISTEN more.


    I know, I talk a lot but last year, I got the knack of listening more rather than opening my mouth. I learned to be more observant and to be an active – listener to my friends and family. Because sometimes what we needed the most is for someone to lend an ear for us rather than hearing their advises and comments.



    Big check for 2016 and I hope it will lavishly pour more for this year and for the coming years as well. I must say I have opened myself to bigger and greater chances of improving my skills last year and I hope to continue it more this 2017 and counting.

  7. It’s okay to say NO.


    It was tough for me to say no but last 2016, I declined a couple of getaway and get – together and other opportunities because I strongly believed that those events weren’t supposed to be mine to be owned or to have last year. That I will just be spending more rather than earning more. If you know what  I mean. #letscontinuetobeFRUGAL #itsneverwrongtoliveSIMPLY



    I seriously mastered “the art of deadma” last year and I am more than willing to continue mastering it until I can now, though not fully, wipe out the negative aura away. Together let’s master the art of deadma little young ones.

  9. For the people that suck the energy and optimism out of me, I kill them with KINDNESS. 


    Being kind to our enemies and to those people who drain out the positive and joyful energy in our system doesn’t mean that we are playing safe or being plastic. Last year, I have practiced to be more understanding and open. When I don’t find the person’s attitude healthy for me because they complain a lot and have a lot issues with the world – I distant myself to them. When they straightforwardly expresses their anger and disappointments towards me, I talked to them straight and settle on it. When they become so nosy about my personal life, I just tell them to read my blog *besides I have always been my true self here*. And if some people silently consumes the happiness out of me, I pray for them. Because I do you believe in karma, do you?

  10. Learn to say “SORRY”


    This is actually related to number 9. I know that I have been very straightforward sometimes that I also missed some factors. I actually have one good example, it’s with my former supervisor. He was such a pain not just to me but for everyone in the office. He made my duty days so dragging because he was so bossy but lacks initiative. But when he finally resigned, he told me privately that he was intimidated of me because I expressed myself so freely whether I’m angry, disappointed, or happy and that is something that he can’t do. He told me he didn’t find my openness offensive, in fact he thanked me for being me. But I still asked for an apology *not because I was too frank* but because I felt sorry for him not being able to be bold with his thoughts. I wrote him a long letter to encourage him to be free. I hope he’ll be able to help himself.

  11. Know YOUR PLACE


    It’s the same with saying ‘no’. I know myself more than anybody does. Last year, a lot of people try to question my views and norms about life or certain issues and you know what I did? I just let them. I don’t disclose too much. Staying low key does not mean that you don’t want to be away from your comfort zone. Because for me, acknowledging my own strengths and weaknesses and at the same time appreciating other people’s traits are far more important than being too nosy about their achievements and statuses.

  12. Give LOVE no matter what.


    Lastly, 2016 imparted so much about love to me both by giving and receiving. I have always been very generous to everyone and honest;y, I am not expecting anything in return. I have given myself a heads up already that no matter what it takes, I should give love from within because above all, despite everything whether good or bad – it’s important to let love flows from within. 

These are just twelve of the many things that I have learned, developed, and reflected last 2016 and I will do whatever it takes to maintain the good ones and let go of the bad or worst. I would stay truer than ever and be bolder than I was for the past years. I know that there are still a lot of lessons to learned and experiences to accomplished but I will not say no to it. I’ll face them well through the help of the Man above who loves me and who loves you too.

And now that it’s already 2017, I claim that this year will be full of happy thoughts, joyful moments with my family and friends, sweet escapes both local and international, steady career, healthier lifestyle, sturdy health for myself, family, and friends, a possible blossom of romance *which I have always been open ever since*, and be more and more contented with the little things in life. I know that these will be achieve successfully and favorably through strong effort, on track determination, and undying faith within ourselves and to Him. And I am hopeful that I’ll be able to achieve my heart’s desire from now on until my very last waking breath because again, I claim it.

Are you having the same hopes and views as I do little young ones?  If yes, let’s keep it going and not to give up on these. If not, care to share your own learning to us so that we can be each other’s confidant in achieving our little dreams to reality. What do you think? I’ll be waiting. ♥




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