01 / 03 / 17

tuesday thoughts


I know, I am posting quite late for today’s Tuesday segment little young ones. I’m reasonably overdue to cheer you up, right? You know –  Tita duties and stuff. It’s my nephew’s follow – up check – up to his doctor and had some quality time with my Mamadearest and him for the whole day. Isn’t it amazing? Because it is for me. HEHE!

Anyhow, it is still Tuesday right? So here’s my Tuesday thoughts *but it is still subject for change* since I still have two hours to kicked off Tuesday. LOL.

  • Current Mood: Sleeeeeeepy. Like S – L – E – E – P – Y. sleepy
  • Listening to: “Beautiful” by Crush. The 4th OST of the Korean drama “Goblin: The Lonely and The Great”. Why this song again? Hmm. It’s tune and message is very soothing and heart – quenching at the same time. goblin
  • Thinking of: Food! Like chocolate, please! HAHA.chocolate-cookie-delicious-food-gif-favim_com-232282
  • Eating: Nothing but I do have my tumbler of coffee here. I also ate chili – mansi pancit canton to steady my baby wormies. HAHA! Kidding.
  • Planning to: To be productive for today’s shift since we don’t have so much to do here for now. No Learn Source to answer. No SME or boss to dictate on what to do, only side – barging to the account that *maybe, just maybe* we will be transferring to.
  • Hoping to: Not to be a sleepy – head for today’s shift. My body clock is distorted because of the drastic schedule change. I personally like the shift that we do have now because it’s not dangerous for me to go outside and it’s not super sunny upon end of shift. My Mamadearest prefers this shift as well. I just hope that this would literally be a good start for me here in the office, with the new account, new people until my last 30 days of service for this company. Super soon!

I am honestly sleepy but I must say that I was productive today too. I was able to wash my laundry, accompanied my Mamadearest for my nephew’s check – up, and I was able to post *still* for today’s segment. APPLAUSE! *patting my shoulder right now* HAHA! I guess this is what lack of sleep feels. I’m turned between being hyped and light – headed at the same time. But anyways, as I have said  to you that I will be productive, more productive this year and counting. Let’s keep it going little young ones. Let’s make no room for alibis and lazy thoughts. Let’s combat temptations and negative vibes off. Are you with me?

Have a true – blue Tuesday my little young ones.

Lots of love,

Your Pandora ♥


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