01 / 04 / 17

who goat wednesday


Hello little young ones!

I hope that you are as active, as happy, and as hype like that sweet kitty giphy up there. I know that it’s already afternoon and I just woke up from my dreamland. I guess change of shift means change of little habits too. But what stirs my mind up today is that I honestly remembered posting my blog post for today’s segment while I was still in the office but upon checking my blog post’s feeds now – IT WASN’T THERE. HAHA! I really don’t know what happened. I really thought I published it already before leaving the office. Anyhow, I’ll just post another one for today’s Who – Goat Thursday segment.

And today I’m going to share my favorite piece from Lang Leav’s artistic poetry and creation entitled “New Beginnings”.


The one that I would like you to focus little young ones is the last line. It says,

And as one door opens and another closes, I will move forward with the knowledge that unlike so many others, I have another year ahead of me – another shot at making it all the way around the sun, and a chance to get it right this time around.

This is a big YES for me. Do you agree as well little young ones?

This is actually not a hugot line but for me this is a “life line” that is worth sharing. It implicates such wisdom and courage for us that in every step of our way there might be some road bumps, detours, broken lines, intersections, uphills, and wrong turns but it really depends upon us on how we recover from those pressures and how we lead back ourselves on the right track with a “game face on”.

It’s already 2017. A lot of us may have purchased limited edition planners, some have written down their New Year’s Resolutions, and maybe some of you are just like me checking each of the bucket list on point. And yes, it’s an amazing thing to keep track on these stuff but I hope that we will also be consistent in doing all these things that could make our heart and soul happy.

If there are things that we could start doing now then let’s do them now. Let’s not wait for tomorrow because we don’t know, tomorrow might not just come for us anymore. This is not me scaring you off little young ones because this is actually a given fact. Our life here in this world is just borrowed. And since we only have one life to live then we should truly live it well, VERY VERY VERY WELL.

If we have committed a lot of mistakes from the past, let’s accept it one by one and learn from them. Let’s not be harsh on ourselves anymore. What we could do now is correct them if we can and if we can’t then it just means that we have to change our way into a good one. A fresh start. A new beginning. We don’t want to be swallowed whole with our regrets, right? Then let’s act now and not tomorrow or the next day or the day after next. There’s no other day to rise again because the future is now.

I love you little young ones. Have a witty and warm Wednesday.

Hugs and kisses,

From Your Pandora ♥


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