01 / 05 / 17


Happy Thursday to you.

Happy Thursday to me.

Happy Thursday! Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday to us little young ones!

I am happy and excited because it’s my baby brother’s 14th birthday.¬†And since it’s his special day today,¬†I am going to share and introduce him to you little young ones. And I will¬†let you know more significant people in my life as well. I hope you don’t mind me doing that little young ones. HEHE!

Anyhow, here’s my dorky baby brother (please refer to the pictures below) and since his birthday falls on the 5th of January, I am sharing my¬†Top 5 favorite¬†throwback pictures of him and I while putting some inputs about him.

  1. His First Communion Goofy Face – His name’s Jan Anthony Damos Mendoza III.¬†His second name was derived from my¬†grandfather’s first name “Antonio” and adding ‘III’ because he is already¬†in¬†the third blood line of the Mendoza’s.¬†And so this photo was taken outside the church during his First Communion. He was really excited that time. I really took a day off just to spend that one whole day with him and my Nanay Merlyn. Well, no need to explain more on how goofy and dorky he is because his facial expression and how he makes faces already defined him too well. But even if this baby brother of mine is sometimes very hardheaded, he is also sweet on his own little ways. Sometimes his actions are unpredictably sweet.janjan02
  2. First Family Trip to Bohol – This picture was taken inside the fast cargo going to Bohol. It was our first – ever family outing to celebrate my Papadearest and younger sister’s birthday. My brother has a phobia with water either it’s a pool, beach, or any vessel that crosses a large body of water regardless of the duration. He almost drown when he was still 7 years old while he was playing in the kiddie pool and that’s why he is not a big fan of any beach or pool outing anymore.¬†And at that time, I was calming him down by allowing him to play on my phone and telling him that I’ll be sitting beside him. But as dorky as ever, he enjoyed the whole time in the jet. He played with my nephew and almost ¬†drained my phone’s power too. I call him Kuya because he prefers to be called that way¬† instead of calling him ‘Bunsoy’ which means ‘youngest’. He kept telling us that he is no longer a baby. He is very lazy in terms of house chores but definitely not on his studies. Good thing! HAHA.janjan06
  3. Awkward Pose with the famous Chocolate Hills¬†– Oh! That beautiful background by the way little young ones is the famous Chocolate Hills in Bohol. We are actually at the top of a tower where tourists can stay and take photos of the view but *there’s a big BUT* you need to climb up the 455 steps up just to get to the top. Tough thing to do, right? But my sister, this kiddo, and I made it to the top and going down as well. That’s the reason why my Mamadearest and Papadearest just stayed at the reception area with my nephew and just¬†watched the kids performed a traditional Boholano dance. They don’t want to tire themselves in short. HAHA! We did a lot of jump shots and crazy poses there because there were only few of us who have reached the top so fast. Well, my brother is very hyper in terms of action games. He loves to play basketball and soccer. He loves playing DOTA too. janjan05
  4. Sitting comfortably in my lap like a Baby – This was inside Tatay Gucci’s car. Since we were 8 people inside the car, we tried to fit ourselves accordingly and comfortably? HAHA! This¬†pic was taken while we were on our way home after a quick visit¬†to Temple of Leah. I let my sister and this kiddo joined our team’s fun activity¬†since we have nothing to do on that weekend as well. He was very happy being able to visit that place. He was very fascinated by the architectural structures, the big sculptures, and carvings. He was even delighted to know more about Greek mythology just like I do. Though this kiddo is very hype but he is honestly very shy in front of the unfamiliar crowd except to my friends whom he have met already like my best friend Joiz. He is not easily swayed with food but when he is terribly in the mood just don’t expect that he’ll leave a piece for you. His appetite is very big. I guess that’s the reason why he is now taller than me and seriously heavy and bulky. HAHA!janjan04
  5. His Coronation Night as a Handsome Prince¬†– The Crown Prince’s Coronation Night. Kidding! He was actually crowned as the Second Prince during our hometown’s fiesta celebration and he felt sad because he did not win the first prize. He really likes walking with the crown on his head because for him ‘he looks super handsome and cool’. Little did he know that my whole family was so proud of him already. He conquered his own fear by making a good walk, waving and smiling in front of the people he barely knew. My Mamadearest even prepared for his attire that night and I? Well, as usual, I was being a¬†stage Ate again with my all out support by documenting his milestone. Again, this kiddo may lack confidence sometimes and is very playful and bully but he is very sweet and clingy especially once he grows attachment to you already.janjan03


So this is my not so baby brother anymore. I hope that one day, if he’ll be able to cross my blog and read on this, he would tickle my soles and run after me for showing these pictures to you but at the same time would sweetly thanked me for being his elder sister. I know that he is somewhat influenced by his peers right now and oftentimes being scolded by my Papadearest for doing some troublesome acts lately but I hope and constantly pray that he will not be mislead to greater horrors of the reality that the new generations are on. I know that he is still young and much of a dreamer. He’s very ambitious and I can really attest to it based on his dream board at home or on the crumpled pieces of notes on his closet. Yes, I know but I hope that he will really craved for more passion on the things that could truly give meaning to his life.

My only wish for him is that he would grow with so much respect and wisdom and courage that even hate and fears could not defy him. I hope that he will always remember to be grateful for the little things in life. For him to appreciate more on what’s outside the box. And as he¬†slowly unfolds¬†his own journey into this world, I would love him to remember inside his heart that I will always be here for him no matter what it takes even if he doesn’t like me to. HAHA! He will always have a friend in me, a confidant, a cheer leader, a nurse, and most of all a big sister for him.

Good evening little young ones. I hope you won’t have troubles sleeping tonight because tomorrow is already Friday. Just one more day and it’s already weekend. So enjoy the rest of your Thursday little young ones. ‚ô•


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