The One for each other.


I woke up sobbing today.
And I was bothered why.
Maybe because I was constantly listening to that sad song.
Or maybe because I read on the prediction that a past love would come back.
And there, I concluded –
It was both.

That song playing on repeat in my head.
Was a bitter – sweet one.
And that article for me, implicates a past love that cannot be.
Though it wasn’t certain.
But both factors –
Lead me to you.

When I think of you.
It’s like having a beautiful dream.
Yes, it is and still –
You are a beautiful dream for me.
I know that I would still be awake anytime.
But there is a part of me that wishes I never would.

But just like any dream.
There will be a point that we have to wake up.
Not just literally to come around back to our senses.
But to realize more important things and lessons.
And yes, maybe I was the one for you.
But you weren’t the one for me.

So despite that beautiful, tempting dream.
I wish I would never leave.
I must and definitely, I should.
Get myself out from that fantasy.
Letting that beautiful dream remain a dream.
Until I can finally find that someone who is for me as I am for him.




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