01 / 17 / 17

tuesday thoughts


  • Current Mood: Bed weather kind of feeling! But we are so busy answering, organizing, and finishing our Learn Source activities and CBT’s for this week. sleepy-lab-puppy-gif
  • Listening to: “Beautiful” by Crush. The 4th OST for Goblin, the one that I have shared the last time for my Music Monday segment. I just really love this song. Though this song makes me think of sad thoughts but this is just for now.
  • Thinking of: FOOD! I am hungry. I mean, we all are hungry now. Momma Jewel and Yan are hungry now too. Today’s weather is just adding so much more of like “I just want to go home now!” kind of feeling. i_m_hungry_gif_by_chocolate_cocoa-d5vr171
  • Eating: NOTHING! And that summarizes it all. My diversion for hunger is sleep. that’s why I am feeling sleepy but the truth is I AM HUNGRY, for now.  Though I am sleepy, I can make myself busy by reading articles, blogging, solving puzzles and other stuff that boosts my mental skills. But hunger? I feel like my sugar levels down and I can eat a whole fried chicken alone. HAHA!
  • Planning to: KEEP MY GOALS ON POINT! I have a lot of things in mind now and I’ll execute all actions possible day after day after day. I have things to do listed for tomorrow as well and for tonight? I just need to edit my resignation letter’s date today and the rest is to simply survive this shift without being hasty on other things. HAHA! tumblr_mzpvh154am1r2zyogo1_r1_500
  • Hoping to: ASSERT MORE EFFORT! On my goals for the remaining of this month. Because next month will be like a battlefield for me. Hospital hopping, reviews then exams, and set of interviews. I should keep myself ready for some unplanned results as well and other barriers.


This is all for now little young ones. Do you have a good and productive Tuesday so far? I hope you do because we all deserve it. It’s still not a sunny today. It’s been awhile since I saw Mr. Sun and I kinda miss him, how about you? Anyhow, even if it’s a bed weather day today let us try to be more productive still and finish our chores on time in order not to mess up with it or with the others *just like what I did* which I am guilty of doing.

But, let bygones be bygones. It’s a brand new day to start something fresh, something important, and something worth it, right? We can do this little young ones! Let’s all achieve our goals one step at a time. Are you with me?

Well, enjoy the rest of your Tuesday little young ones. Stay safes drys and happy.

Hugs and kisses,

From Your Pandora ♥


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