01 / 23 / 17

music monday


Another Music Monday segment little young ones but before that let me first greet you ⇓⇓⇓


Today, I received this very inspiring notification indicating that it’s already a year since I started blogging here in WordPress. Happy Anniversary to me! Yippee! Who would have thought that I would be able to really reached for a year blogging or just literally expressing my self here in WordPress. I started here as a novice blogger and I would still say that I still am because I still have a lot of things to learn from you little young ones and to those who have already mastered the art of blogging. Please continue to support me and my blog. 🙂happyanniv

Anyways, I hope you started your Monday right just like I did. Not to brag but I believed that I started my day on the right track. I am aware that I am not a morning type of person but since I promised myself not to be lazy this year, I really did try my best to be productive and active to kick the negative vibes away. We all want that, right? And so I woke up early to bathed Maki, my 3 month old Mixed Labrador and Dachshund puppy. We went to the vet this morning to have his first dose of deworming.I also spent quality time with my Mamadearest and Aunt and enough time to work on my other chores at home

And now let’s start our Monday with something new and cool from Ed Sheeran’s latest song. Have you heard of it or watched the official lyric video? Well, if yes, I hope that you will continue to tune in and to never get tired listening to him but if not, then here’s “Castle on the Hill” by my forever love Ed. Hope you like it 🙂

“Why do I like this song?” that was the first thing that my best friend, Bossly, asked me because he likes this song better than “Shape of You” and same thing goes with me. I like this song, NO, I love this song because it was so Ed Sheeran. I miss him and his songs and now that he is back like really back, I just can’t miss a day not listening to his songs ‘on repeat’ especially this one. For me there is a story in every word and line to this song that makes me love him and his songs more and more.

I really could not point out what line or verse strikes me the most because like I said, in this song Ed Sheeran is more like of a story – teller rather than just being a singer song – writer. I love the way he expressed himself. He said in his interview recently that “Nothing beats home like never.” and with that note it also inspired me to really take time to heartily look back on those things, wonderful or not, to where it all started, where I started, and to where I came from and belong to and it is home.

Home can be someone or something or it can be both, right? So I hope that you little young ones would also take time to appreciate and to never ever forget to where your heart, mind, and soul belong to. It is the worldly home, for now. It could be our family, friends, significant someone, a thing or place that means a lot to us or anything that makes us real and alive – so let’s all cherish it well, always. And once we served our purpose already here in this world, we’ll all go home to an eternal place owned by Him up there.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday little young ones.Stay safe, always.

Hugs and kisses,

From Your Pandora ♥


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