01 / 24 / 17

tuesday thoughts


  • Current Mood: DETERMINED! To study and focus on my weak side in terms of nursing theory. Oh my beloved medications! But like I said, I am determined to really focus on those topics *thanks to my friends who gave me some hints because they are already in that institution. sailor-moon-lets-go
  • Listening to: NOTHING but I am humming Ed Sheeran’s  “Castle on the Hill” on my mind. The video is out and I freaking love it! So much love for Ed. boy-ed-sheeran-gif-ginger-hot-favim_com-369793
  • Thinking of: FOOD and EXAMS! HAHA! Honestly, people think I’m smart but I am not, I just study. Wise, maybe. LOL. But it’s been awhile since I actually had an examination *theory wise* and I am rooting for it and nervous at the same time. God bless my brain. studying-in-progress-animation
  • Eating: THOUGHTS! Eating the negative thoughts and bad vibes away. That’s what I am eating because I don’t want to be bothered by those stuff while I am prepping my brain for a serious battle.
  • Planning to: STUDY.Study.study. tumblr_n5leqjuyea1qc4uvwo1_500
  • Hoping to: PASS the entrance examinations! brain

Beautiful Tuesday my little young ones. Enjoy Tuesday. Enjoy life. Enjoy being humans.♥

Hugs and kisses,

From Your Pandora ♥


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