01 / 25 / 17

who goat wednesday


Today’s another round of our Who – goat Wednesday little young ones but before that let me first greet you an awesome Wednesday! Are you having a good and happy day today? I hope you all are but in my case, it’s more on the bad but I won’t let that freaking negative vibes stress me out. Like bring it on problems! HAHA!

So for today, I was actually thinking of sharing that favorite piece of mine from my favorite “Six Word Story” page however, I could not find that exact caption in Google but instead I found this piece from R.M. Drake and it says:


This is true. Right?

Whether we deny it or not but still we cannot hide within ourselves that one way or another there was or were  a time in our worldly existence where we became a part of something or to someone even if we are already apart from those stuff or from them *most especially*. And that feeling of emptiness somehow will not literally hunt us down to the very end but at some point, it will actually trigger our history. Recollection of our pain, sorrow, anger, fear, worries, and perhaps hate  and  broken promises may sink in out of nowhere but these little young ones are normal. That was our past, our history. And that’s what makes us who are NOW. Let’s not fret. Let’s steady our hearts. The fact that we are still alive today means that we still have enough time to correct it, if we can; to forgive; to accept; and to completely be happy despite of that little piece that was taken away from us.

Life must go on. There’s no other way but up. Do you agree little young ones? So let’s keep on moving forward and do whatever it takes to be who we truly are regardless of our pasts.

This is all for today because it’s time for me to work already. I love you little young ones. Stay safe, always.

Hugs and kisses,

From Your Pandora ♥



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