Wide awake. 


Time check it’s already Sunday at 1:30 AM *the moment I opened my phone* and that means I’ve been wide awake and starving for almost eleven hours. And whose to blame? No one but ME. HAHA! Like again. 

I’m not physically and mentally lively today, I mean yesterday.

I woke up at Saturday noon when I heard the phone rang and realized it was my best friend Joiz who was calling. I quickly prepped myself to meet her since we already planned to avail Chatime’s Chinese New Year Promo. Because we just simply love promos. Then we grabbed some lunch at Dimsum Break with our friend Drew.

This was Drew’s Facebook post with a caption “Third Wheeling 👽” while we were waiting for our food.

After we had our lunch, Joiz went ahead because she has to meet with her cousins. And since I was planning to buy some stuff for Maki and Munchy, I asked Drew to accompany me. In which he did. We also went to H&M to reward myself another set of rings since I lost mine during Christmas break. And then we went home. That’s how I spent my Saturday afternoon.

I arrived home around 4 PM and that’s when I felt sluggish and lazy but I was sure I wasn’t sleepy at all. I just went straight to bed and thought of watching the last episode of the Korean drama, “Legend of the Blue Sea” starring Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun. And sadly, after watching the drama I just consumed the entire six hours checking my Instagram and Facebook feeds, replaying those funny scenes of Kim Hee Chul on the show “Knowing Brothers” and other trending news and music videos. Then I got tired so I took a nap but I suddenly woke up around midnight because my tummy was growling so bad and I felt so humid – ish like feeling. I hurriedly took a bath and fed my puppy Maki and then went outside to check if there are still some place to buy some food but there was none. Sad life.

But since I was extremely hungry, I decided to spend just a little from my extra budget and ordered a box of pizza for myself minus the cola *because of course that would keep me from staying awake* which I don’t want to happened because I need to sleep and also cola is not good for my health. So I said yes to water.

I already took a bite because I was super duper hungry. That is Hawaiian Pizza by the way from one of our local pizza stores here in Cebu.

While eating, I was also busy budgeting my finances and writing down some important stuff for my to – do list for the month of February. Yes, you read it right little young ones. I really keep track of my activities every month *though I almost always fail to accomplish some of my list* but I never give up on doing my best, keeping my focus, and working on those things that I would love to achieve. Like I told you at the start of this year, that I  really am determined to achieve my goals no matter what it takes.

It’s just that today was one of those “lazy days” of mine. And since I am perfectly alert this early, I am starting my Sunday right. Right in a way that I will be removing the clutter and unimportant things in my room and just keep those stuff that would truly matter. Same goes with my thoughts. I should be firm with my decision to really resign with my current work despite the result of our interim review. Last Friday night,  I was blinded by the increase of my salary for a bit because of course the higher I get paid, the bigger the chance that I could give more to my parents. Anyhow, my decision is already final. I will still quit. I will just be more patient and be more frugal so that I could spend less and give more even if I will not be in the company anymore.

Anyhow, this is is all for today little young ones. I’ll keep you posted later or tomorrow about me, the world, and the little things in life. Don’t forget to go to Church or attend to your Sunday Service. Stay safe and be happy. ☺


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