Chillin’ with my favorite people.

Hi little young ones!

I know it’s kind of late already and I am still wide awake. Time check, it’s already 11:25 PM and here I am updating and proof – reading my drafts and at the same time updating you as well on what I did¬†last Saturday and Sunday.

So last Saturday, my high school barkadas and I attended the house blessing of one of our close friend Dua or should I say nakikain lang talaga kami.¬†HAHA! We arrived late because we got caught by the¬†traffic jam on the way to JM’s house *but we prefer calling him by his family name, Dua*.

Anyhow, enough of the traffic thing because we were able to manage it well naman. How? Well, the usual habit of our barkadas aside from music tripping (“Versace on the Floor” by Bruno Mars and “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur were on repeat) and selfie and groupfie taking, we also shared quality time updating each other’s whereabouts and plans for our¬†summer getaway. Of course! We do have plans but we’re taking a lot of considerations this time because we work on different shifts and we have different destinations that we would like to visit. We’re still weighing our plans well. We would like to experience summer big time this year not in an extravagant or costly way but I hope that this summer we would be complete.

And here are our groupfies while we were on our way to Dua’s place.

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When we arrived at Dua’s house we paid respect to his parent’s and then we immediately looked for him but he was nowhere to be found so we asked permission to Tita Marilou (Dua’s mother and my Mom have the same name) to tour around their houses which was fun because we were able to compare and discuss our preferences. Then when Dua arrived, we directly hopped in to the buffet table and served ourselves because we were so hungry. LOL.

We had a lot of talking and laughing and eating at Dua’s place but since he was so busy entertaining his other visitors we weren’t able to have a picture with him. Okay lang kasi camera shy naman siya *sometimes*. HAHA! Then right after we had enough of our serious to senseless conversation we then decided to continue our pigging – out in Shaka Hawaiian Restaurant in IT Park. The ambiance there is good because it’s very summer-ish and it really feels like you’re in Hawaii. There is a live band too but for the food? Hmm. Let me just scale it with¬†6 out of 10. The serving is okay but their food is really not that appealing and tasty for me. They have sets of unique food choices but there are only a few that I can totally say, ‘my bet’. Anyhow, here are some of the highlights of what we did in Shaka aside from making a Bisaya version¬†of Versace on the Floor. HAHA!

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Disclaimer: And since I could not get enough of the view at the top, I asked Joiz to take a photo of me there. HAHA!

The view is nice right? But please forgive my pale face there little young ones. Blame it all to the rain and the dark clouds. Kidding! Well, that’s how I spent my Saturday and for Sunday which was yesterday – I spent it with Chamen.

Two days ago, Chamen and I planned that we’ll meet around 9 in the morning in Ayala particularly at National Bookstore because that’s our favorite meeting place but sad to say I woke up at exactly 10:00 AM by a phone call. HAHA! Just imagine that! I arrived home after our Shaka night – out around 1 in the morning last Saturday which was technically Sunday already and I honestly did not¬†notice my phone alarmed. That’s how dead tired I was but to cut the long story short – Chamen and I met.

We had our lunch at Pizza Hut which was a wrong moved for us because we already know how sloppy and slow their service is and almost all of our preferred meal is not available. Poor hungry ladies. And¬†since we’re hungry, we just didn’t bother arguing and complaining and just order what’s available.¬†Simple.

We ¬†spent almost two hours chit – chatting about how our lives went after a couple of weeks of not seeing each other. And it’s a good timing for me as well to meet her because we both miss each other. *Chamen if you happened to read this, I hope you’ll agree. LOL.* When Chamen and I converse, we usually talk about our families, our problems, and friends. Love life? Not so, not because we’re both single. It’s just that our minds are naturally sync together when it comes to prioritization and decision – making. We know our hearts too well and we both know that when love knocks at us, we’ll know it. My Mom asked me before if we’re scared of being hurt? Nope, we’re not scared. We’re just not in a rush for committing to someone in particular right now but we’re not closing our doors too. Ganun! HEHE.

We also went around the kid’s corner because Chamen asked me to help her find a good gift for my nephew, Baby Zachy. Such a lucky kid to have Chamen as one of his Godparent. HEHE. And while strolling around the toy section, I found this huge teddy bear that was so fluffy, cuddly, and soft. I would like to take it home with me but too bad, I can’t.¬†It’s so expensive. LOL!


Isn’t this Mr. Teddy cute? ‚ô•

Then we went to the grocery department to buy¬†some freebies for my fur baby Maki, Chamen bought some foodies too to fight energy gap *if you know what I mean*, and I purchased Apple Cider for my Mamadearest. We also bought some new colors of nail polish and lippies for my friends Keshang and Maan and then we went to Etude House to buy something pretty and that would make us even prettier. HEHE. Right after that, we went home straight around 3 in the afternoon because Chamen works on a day shift and she wasn’t really feeling well.

And then I arrived home and just took a nap for an hour or so then spent quality time cleaning and playing with Maki. I also watched some clips of the latest episode of We Got Married and the comeback performance of Red Velvet while eating. And yeah, that’s how I spent my weekend little young ones. How about you? I hope that you spent it well too with your favorite people.

This is all for now because it’s time for me to sleep already. Time check – 1:17 AM. Happy Monday in advance little young ones. Stay tuned for my Music Monday segment later this afternoon. I love you little young ones and sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite and most especially, don’t forget to pray. Goodnight. ‚ô•

P.S. If you’re wondering why Chamen and I did’t have a picture together. Well, we just love to have our bonding time in a low – key pace. And I really don’t know why we’re not fond of taking twofies when we see each other. Maybe next time. ūüôā


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