02 / 06 / 17

Magical Monday little young ones!

Let’s start our evening with a prayer and a beautiful smile on our pretty faces, alright? Anyhow, we’re back on track for our Music Monday segment and I have one question for you little young ones. Are you fond of Walt Disney movies especially Disney Princesses movies just like I do? If you are, then lucky you because the song that I have chosen is a new rendition of an official sound track of a Disney movie which will be on cinemas anytime soon.

Happy listening little young ones to Ariana Grande and John Legend’s version of “Beauty and the Beast”.

It sounds so lovely, don’t you think? I love how they collaborated and harmonized the song without too much bending and going over the top. They’re just both amazing. Though I honestly and personally love the original version more by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson but that doesn’t mean that I love the new rendition less. They have their own style and charisma in terms of catching the listeners ears and make them listen to the song on repeat. And if you are a Disney Princess fanatic just like me, this song would literally be played on repeat.

Well oh well. I hope you’ll watch the movie on March 15, 2017 because Emma Watson nailed all the scenes so naturally and effortlessly. I like her because for me she’s a true charmer. She’s an epitome of beauty from the inside out and of brain and kindness and a lot more. She’s a pro – woman activist and she’s very straightforward. And though Belle is only second on my list of favorite Disney Princess, her playing the role of Belle flutters me because they have chosen the right princess and I commend them for that.

But little young ones, we are all princesses. Princesses with different style and charm, of beauty, and of uniqueness and personalities. And I claim that I am princess. A princess who loves to write, relate with the world with the little things that matters despite the world’s drastic change, and a lover of nature. How about you little young ones, what kind of a princess are you? Care to share? I’ll be waiting. 🙂

Lots of love,

Your Pandora ♥


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