02 / 08 / 17

who goat wednesday

Hi my dear little young ones. This is my super late post for my Who – Goat Wednesday for you. Forgive me for not keeping on track with the date. *I’m just super busy processing my separation thing here in the office so that I could properly process my resignation* Anyhow, how are you doing? I hope today, Thursday, will be a bright and happy day for you. And since it’s just five days to go before Valentines, I would like to share this thought that caught my attention while I was checking on my Facebook feeds. But before that I would like to know, are you excited, giddy, scared, or bitter for the coming Valentines Day? Are you a #TeamBitter or a #TeamForever? HAHA. BUT whichever team you are in what’s important is that you never fail to smile today and for the rest of our waking days here on Earth.

Alright, so this is that thought that I mentioned:


Do you agree or do you agree?

I believe that we all agree to this. And this is not just for men but BOTH. No matter what you do, whatever possessions you have, and whoever you are with right now – it will never be enough for someone who isn’t, still, and will not be ready to give genuine affection and firm commitment to you. In short, someone who is not ready to settle.

Always remember little young ones these three life principles: Don’t rush love. Maintain that self – respect. And never ever let yourself to be just an option. You deserve to have the right kind of love, the Godlike love when you least expect it. Alright?

Lots of love,


Your Pandora β™₯


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