02 / 09 / 17


  1. Sunset far away from home – I took this photo when I was still in Pagudpud during my Ilocos Sur and Norte Tour last September. I was with my travel mates enjoying the crystal clear seawater and the soft and pearl – like sand. I just can’t get enough of this experience and God knows how much I loved the whole trip especially that exact moment at the seashore while I was waiting for the sun to set. I miss the feeling of being near the water *near the beach to be exact* and the thought that it’s already summer, I am rooting to have some road trips and random getaways with my barkadas or with my family. tbt0126-01
  2. Calmness in the middle of the sea – Me and my not so sexy back. LOL. This photo was taken during our team outing with my Team YOLO family. We visited three different islands in just one day. We also spent quality time playing with the jellyfishes. HAHA! We prepared a lot of food as well and took a lot of memorable photos because again – we only live once. I remembered what Tatay Gucci once told me that wherever I go, whoever I am with, and whatever makes me truly happy, I should take photos of them no matter what because those pictures would serve as a memory worth keeping for. tbt10126-02
  3. Riding with the waves – Oh Siargao! This photo was taken after my two hours of struggling and fighting with the waves. That includes accidentally swallowing some sea water too. HAHA! We only had 5 – 10 minutes orientation and return demonstration with the expert surfers there in Cloud 9. I really could remember how many times I drifted and submerged in the water because balancing is really not my thing but what I am proud of was that I was able to ride with the waves for less than 30 seconds and for me that was one of the best 20 – something seconds of my life because I was able to braved it through after so many attempts. 🙂tbt0126-03


This is all for now little young ones. I hope that you’re all doing fine and always be prepared for all the possibilities that the world could offer you. Life is a journey and what we need to do is just to take a leap of faith to take that one small step to overcome whatever fears we have and to slowly detach from our comfort zones. I am sharing this to you because I am also encouraging myself to do the same. Which I am doing now.

Let’s start now and take a wonderful and memorable journey together while we still can.

Hugs and kisses,

From Your Pandora ♥


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