02 / 13 / 17

music monday

Happy afternoon little young ones. How’s your Monday going? I hope it’s as warm and steady just like the weather today. And so today’s the 13th and what comes next? HAHA. I know  right, it’s the epic Valentines Day. I remembered I asked you the last time about your thoughts on the 14th right? Are your thoughts still the same or was there a change of heart already? Anyhow, whether it’s the same or not what matters is we should never ever take our heart for granted, alright?

So today’s another Music Monday segment and I feel like sharing my own Valentines Day playlist *kung may break – up playlist, I also have my own playlist for Valentines* since again tomorrow’s Valentines Day. So timely right? LOL. But sad to say, I couldn’t attach my playlist here for now because my browser keeps on crashing but no worries little young ones, I’ll fix this issue once I’m in the office. So for now, I’m going to share the first on my Valentines Day Playlist and I’ll share the rest later. Alright? 🙂

And oh, I mean there is nothing wrong of having a bunch of playlist for different occasions or for different moods. I always believe that every song has a story. Every chorus, every verse, every line, and in every pause there is and there will always be a memory within it either known to everyone or left untold. You just let your heart and mind and soul jive with the rhythm and feel every word touch your inner being like that song was simply made for you.

I don’t know but I have always been in love with art and music is a deep form of art. I love Music regardless of what type or genre it could be, whether it’s local or international, or from a famous band or not, could be solo artist or an underground cover artist, or even YouTubers – for as long as I feel connected to the song and its message, I always put those songs on repeat and I’ll never get tired of it.

Well enough of the drama and just enjoy listening to my new set of songs for the Valentines.

  • I Love You Always Forever – Marion Aunor
  • Fix You – Coldplay
  • Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur
  • First Song – Joseph Vincent
  • Without You – AJ Rafael
  • Say Something – A Great Big World feat Christina Aguilera
  • The Only Exception – Sam Tsui (Cover)
  • Almost Lover – A Fine Frenzy
  • Perfect Two – Auburn
  • Breathe Again – Sara Bareilles
  • I Do – Marie Digby
  • If It’s Love – Train
  • Not A Bad Thing – Justin Timberlake
  • Kiss Me – Sixpence None The Richer

Lots of love,

From Your Pandora ♥


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