02 / 14 / 17

tuesday thoughts

  • Current Mood: Overwhelmed! Flowers, balloons, candies, love songs, and couples everywhere! Oh, well. Why not? It’s Valentines. Time to be extra expressive and showy, right? But there is nothing wrong with that. I commend those people who would really take an extra mile and become someone they are not used to be just to show their love and affection and care and appreciation to their loved ones. But I also salute those silent workers, the not so showy ones. I tell you, for an old soul like me – love letters would surely make my entire day. And yes, I am literally inside Jollibee waiting for my order while my eyes are fix on those sweet stuff outside. And I’m starting to get jealous.Β Kidding πŸ˜‰Β 
  • Listening to: “My Valentine” and I am literally singing along with it. HAHA!
  • Thinking of: My lunch date with my Mamadearest, Papadearest, and Baby Zachy. As soon as I’m done with my eye check-up, I’ll go straight to our meeting place – Mamadearest’s favorite, Chowking. And I felt like fastfood shop hopping. LOL πŸ˜‚
  • Eating: Buffet! Mama and I ordered a lot for four people only. We had a blast and my tummy was so full and Baby Zachy too. It was a sumptuous lunch because I was able to see my parents being a lovey-dovey. I survived! Lol 😁 
  • Planning to: Start with my eye medication at 4pm. Yes, you’re reading it right my dear little young ones. I’m quite productive today though I am sick. My eye irritation is getting worst that my Ophthalmologist adviced me to rest for a week. We thought it was just a simple ‘pink eye’ or conjunctivitis but it was even scarier than I thought. I have some cuts on my lens due to my prolong use of contact lenses. In short, starting tomorrow I’ll be on eyeglasses again and this time it’s for good.
  • Hoping to: Get a good sleep! I sound so bitter, don’t you think? No, seriously little young ones even though I was adviced to have a week rest, I still need to report to the office later for an approval to my supervisor. And simply because I am allowing myself to make a good alibi so that I could spend the rest of the Valentines Day with my friends before I formally exit, right? I miss them now and will definitely miss them in the future and that’s for sure. *teary-eyed*

Happy Valentines Day my dear little young ones. I believe that Mr. Cupid right now is out there somewhere trying to hit your heart and find a match for you but just a simple reminder, “Please guard your heart because you only have one”.

Stay happy and blessed and know that you are loved by the Great Man above and me. I love you.

Hugs and kisses,

From Your Pandora β™₯

P.S. I was teary-eyed while taking this picture. Still in love for twenty-eight years and still counting.


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