02 / 20 / 17

music monday

Happy evening little young ones!

Yes, I’m back for another Music Monday segment. Again. It’s kinda late but it’s better late than never, right? HEHE! Anyhow, I have a productive day today and I am both happy and sad. Happy because I was able to watch the movie “My Ex and Whys” starring Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil again (because the first time I watched it was with my cousin and I’m going to post our Sunday Date later) and this time I am with my friend, Dua. Sad because I have to bid goodbye to my fur baby Maki because he needs to be home in our province with my Papadearest. Maki’s too big already and our landlady doesn’t want another pet barking and rambling around the house. I hate to do it but I must because it would be difficult for me to transport Maki to our province alone if he’s too big and too heavy to carry and my Mamadearest has a point. And there goes my Papadearest to the rescue. Well oh well! Life must go on. I will just visit Maki from time to time.

And yes, I am also quite excited to share this song to you little young ones. Guess who and guess what? HAHA! It’s another Ed Sheeran song which was released last Friday both the lyric video and the live video. I know I’m kinda bias about this because I have been so vocal about how much I adore and love Ed Sheeran but please allow me to. I mean, he deserves to be loved and adored and there’s nothing wrong with that. *wink*

So here’s his new song entitled, “How Would You Feel? (Paean)”

I posted both the lyric video and his live video for you to truly enjoy it. So did you find the song entertaining and enjoyable to listen to as much as I do? I hope you did but for those who didn’t, carry on – again, this is a free country and that doesn’t make me love and care for you less.

This song is all about love and confession and everything in between. And the chorus really struck me the most. It says:

How would you feel
If I told you I loved you
It’s just something that I want to do
I’m taking my time, spending my life
Falling deeper in love with you
So tell me that you love me too

How would you feel if somebody out there would tell you he or she loves you?


I don’t know.

If he confesses to me in a not so favorable situation, maybe, just maybe – I might just nag or stare at him but that doesn’t mean that my answer is already a “NO”.  It’s just that I’m not so good with surprises though I seriously love them. I just don’t want myself to be caught off guard, that’s all. But I would really appreciate every man and woman who has the guts and courage to build up that confidence to truly confess how they feel towards someone. And again, I am not so good with that too but I can always give it a try. There’s no harm in trying, right? HEHE.

Anyways, I hope you had a wonderful Monday little young ones. Goodness! I can’t wait to  share everything that happened last Saturday and Sunday. I promise, I’ll update you later this afternoon but for now have a goodnight sleep and dream of good dreams.

Hugs and kisses,

From Your Pandora ♥

P.S. By the way, this Ginger Man would like to say Hi. 🙂



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