02 / 22 / 17

who goat wednesday


Hello little young ones!

Wake up! Wake up! It’s a brand new day. Time to get productive.

I know what you’re thinking right now. Maybe you’re wondering why I’m too early for my Who – Goat Wednesday segment, right?¬†And I agree with you. I’m such an early bird to post for today’s piece¬†¬†but I’ll post it anyway¬†before I get¬†caught up with my workloads AGAIN.

So my entry for today’s hugot line would be this:


“You almost convinced me that I mattered.”

Have you ever experienced being in a situation where you have doubted yourself for quite some time or that trusting someone is¬†literally hard to do¬†then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, someone uninvited would bring himself or herself into your life and convinced you that ‘you mattered’?

Well little young ones, to be honest with you – I had experienced it. And I’m sure as fudge that it turned my world *the world that I built for myself* upside down. Why? Because I trusted. NO. Because he convinced me to trust him.


One word but cuts deep.

But even if it’s just an ‘almost’ ¬†we still can never deny the truth that a part of us allowed that someone to consume us in a way that he or she made us believed that we could trust them.¬†Trusted them that we mattered to him or to her.

But then that someone failed us. Failed us in a way that he or she turned out to the person that he or she promised not to be. Proving our family and friends that they were right and that you were wrong.

But hey, please let’s cut some slack on ourselves. Life’s like that and it’s normal. We¬†trust. Failures come and go. But what matters is how we respond to them. So¬†enough of the bitterness and hang ups from what had already been done and long gone. Instead, let’s focus on the now.¬†Which¬†leads¬†us to the last line of the quote and it says, ‘I mattered’.

I mattered.

I believed that I mattered. The Man above created me to explore His other creations and with that reason alone is already enough for me to believe that I mattered. I don’t need anybody’s approval or reassurance for me to understand my life’s purpose here in this world. because this is something innate. And it truly depends upon us on how we carry ourselves, how we respond, how we take control. The choice is always and always ours. It’s freely given to us. And if I believed in myself that I mattered then –

So are you.

You little young ones mattered too. You just have to find the real you from within. And yes, there maybe a lot of factors on the outside that could make or break us but please, never ever let it define you. You are not your mistakes. You are not your past. You are who you are from within. Remember that.

Well, this is all for now little young ones. I hope that you will have a very wonderful and beautiful Wednesday. Please stay safe, warm, and gay.

Lots of love,

From Your Pandora ‚ô•


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